Sol Casino Canada and Others — How is Internet Entertainment Changing?


From one year to another social life and entertainment is getting more online. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this trend. So it’s worth knowing in which direction the entire internet entertainment industry is heading.


Why do people choose online entertainment?

Online entertainment is simple, convenient and cheap. It’s easier to play games at Sol Casino Canada online than going to a traditional casino. It’s cheaper to watch movies by Netflix than going to the cinema. You can save time if you are betting on sports betting online, instead of going to a bookmaker.


The internet entertainment industry is also one of the few that has benefited from the pandemic. Today, enjoying online entertainment is simply safer than enjoying real-world entertainment. What’s more, the online entertainment industry is developing faster and faster along with the implementation of new technological innovations.


The numbers also confirm that people are increasingly choosing Internet entertainment over the real world. For example, record wins in online casinos are equal to the given amounts to record wins in land-based casinos. The greatest lucky players in progressive jackpot games have won tens of millions of US dollars. And now BTC bookies are helping gamnlers do even more!



How VR and AR will change industry?

The potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality is enormous. It’s highly possible that VR and AR will change the internet entertainment industry in a few years. Even today technology provides huge possibilities.


For instance, you can go to Sol Casino Canada and play in every type of casino games. You can play both via the computer and the telephone. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day you are.  If you want more realistic entertainment, there is a live casino waiting for you at sites like Sol Casino Canada.


In this case, the gameplay (e.g. poker, roulette, blackjack) is guided by a human, not a computer. A qualified dealer resides in a casino studio and operates the roulette wheel or deals cards. The player sees everything in real time through high-quality video transmission. It is also possible to chat with the dealer.


This solution provides the convenience associated with an online casino and the realism associated with a land-based casino. VR and AR technologies will change the live casino for the better. The player from anywhere will be able to go to the three-dimensional visualization of the casino. What’s more, he will literally feel like he is holding chips or cards in his hands.


VR and AR technologies will also develop sports betting services. Today sports betting services provide streaming from matches. In the future, however, it will be possible to virtually transfer the user of the bookmaker portal directly to the stadium.



How is the online entertainment industry using innovation?

There are much more technologies than Virtual and Augmented Reality, which are gradually being used by brands from the online entertainment industry. Sol Casino Canada and similar portals will increasingly use Big Data, machine learning, 5G and similar technologies. This will allow them to provide users with even more realistic and personalized services.

It is worth noting that the internet entertainment industry was one of the first to accept cryptocurrency payments. Paying by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, NEO or IOTA is becoming commonplace.


Why are mobile games getting popularity?

You can use telephone games for over a dozen years. Currently, mobile games are gaining popularity particularly quickly. This is due to several reasons:

  • More and more people in the world own a mobile phone.
  • Mobile games are becoming more technically advanced, more interesting, more varied and more realistic.
  • The quality, speed and reliability of mobile internet continues to improve.
  • Playing on the phone is easier than on computers or consoles.


Perhaps soon mobile games will become sports disciplines similar to computer games such as LoL and CS: GO. Currently, mobile games are programmed not only with the participants in the game in mind. Mobile games are designed to be accessible to viewers and fans.


Is cinema a thing of the past?

For the cinema industry, 2020 was difficult for two reasons. First, the pandemic turned out to be the obvious problem. Second, online streaming services are becoming more and more popular. While the coronavirus situation will one day pass, it is hard to imagine that a platform such as Netflix will lose customers.


After all, streaming services are constantly developing the quality of their services. Their users have a growing selection of movies and series. In addition, streaming services provide increasingly higher picture and sound quality and further options to adjust services to your preferences. At the same time, streaming services still provide a competitive price level. It is also worth mentioning that the performance level of modern home theaters is improving, which also favors the popularization of streaming media.

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