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Today, computer games are on the list of the key entertainments of the 21st century for many young people. They strive to immerse themselves in the virtual world at any opportunity, get some missing emotions, and forget about real problems, at least for a while. However, gaming can bring both emotions and income if you look at this process differently. If you join the ranks of cyber athletes, you will be able to do what you like and earn your living at the same time. Why not try your hand at streaming? You will play, communicate with your audience, and make decent money over time. If you don’t know who you want to become in the future, you can start your streaming career. It can become a perfect side job for students. To combine it with studying, they can always order essays or their group mates for help. So, what do you need to start moving in this direction?


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Talking about the technical side of the issue, you will need two key things – a PC and a stable Internet. The PC should be powerful enough since it will have to cope both with gaming and video streaming at the same time. To provide a good picture while streaming, you should have a decent video card and a processor, of course. You can find good options on a budget, but the more powerful your PC is, the better. And 16 GB of RAM will not be superfluous either. Such characteristics of your PC will allow you to stream and broadcast your gaming. However, there are two more important moments – you should get a decent microphone and webcam. The former is crucial when it comes to commenting on your actions and communicating with your viewers. A rare person will want to watch a silent video of how you are playing. There are many various streaming websites, so it will not be hard to find a more entertaining account. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a microphone and your interaction with the audience. And talking about a webcam, people like to watch a living person and catch their emotions. However, many successful streamers broadcast without a webcam. They show only their desktop and communicate with people on various topics, so everything will depend on your soft skills.


Programs and settings

The most popular streaming software is Streamlabs and OBS Studio. They allow you to broadcast from your PC to all the most popular services like Twitch, YouTube, GoodGame, etc. How to adjust the settings? Let’s see it using an example of OBS. When you start the program, you must first enter the broadcast key. You can find it in the channel settings. You shouldn’t show it to anyone and anywhere if you don’t want someone else to start streaming on your account. When you enter the key, you should adjust the sound, image, scenes, and other crucial things. Bitrate is one of the key settings here that you can find in the Output tab. The higher it is, the better the video quality is and the bigger load the system gets. You can increase and decrease it to see how quality and load change. In the video settings, you must select the maximum resolution.


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The most popular streaming platform today is Twitch. It is specifically tailored for live broadcasts, so you can come across the biggest number of both channels and viewers here. However, it is famous for extremely strict rules, and the support team of the platform often bans streamers for extra words and expressions. It has become one of the root causes of why many people switched to other sites, for example, YouTube.

YouTube also has good live streaming capabilities, but there are far fewer viewers. This platform is more suitable for more skillful streamers who have an audience. The rookies may face many challenges here before they reach some visible results. You can also try your hand at less popular platforms like WASD, Goodgame, etc.



You should come up with content before you start streaming. You have various broadcasting options: games, communication with the audience, personal life, professional content, watching videos, music broadcasting, and stuff. You should decide what you are more passionate about. Just don’t forget that you will “perform” in front of real people, so your audience should be interested in your content no less than you are. It is where your charisma may come in handy, so you should better develop this skill. For instance, Real Life Broadcasting (IRL) is gaining popularity. This genre provides you with maximal freedom in creativity. For example, you can offer your viewers to watch how you are hanging out with friends or cooking. Just don’t forget to stay in touch with your audience, give funny comments, and create interactions. If you do everything right, you will become popular quickly.


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Experience is important in any business. The more often you stream, the more skillful you become. Nobody knows how long the current situation in the world will last. So, it is worth taking advantage of everything and streaming more often. If everything works out, you will build a successful streaming career. You can create a schedule and try to adhere to it no matter what. For instance, you can start streaming at 7 pm every day. Thus, people will get used to it and will wait for broadcasts in this period. 

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