Gaming: How to Choose the Right Desk!



Gamers who pursue their hobby with the utmost passion and dedication should consider the choice of their desk carefully.


After all, professional gamers hardly ever find themselves at the kitchen table – it is much more recommendable to fall back on a special gaming table that can be flexibly adjusted in height.


Height-adjustable gaming tables – for whom are they recommended?

No professional gamer should do without a gaming table that has flexible height adjustability. Nowadays, retailers already offer numerous models that even work electrically. With just one push of a button, the desired height of the desk can be adjusted easily and comfortably.


Height settings between 60 and 120 centimeters are usually possible with such a standing desk. It is thus also allowed to perform some gaming games while standing. Gamers in particular will benefit from a height-adjustable gaming desk if they already suffer from back problems or would like to effectively prevent them from developing.


Don’t neglect ergonomics in gaming

In general, there are hardly any arguments that can be found against the purchase of a height-adjustable table for gaming. Nevertheless, there are some factors to consider.


For most gamers, their hobby represents an activity in which they invest an extremely large amount of time. To ensure that gaming is fun and enjoyable in the long run, it makes sense to be prepared to make certain financial investments in the necessary equipment. This does not only include a modern graphics card.


The ergonomics of gaming are also very important. In this context, the focus is on a high-quality gaming table and a corresponding gaming chair.


The ideal height of the gaming table

Depending on the individual height of the gamer, the ideal height of the table has to be chosen. If you choose a gaming table whose height can be flexibly adjusted, there are of course great advantages in this respect – after all, the height of the table can be individually adapted to any situation.


For example, if several gaming enthusiasts in a household play at one table, the table height that suits their personal needs and requirements can always be selected. As a guide, a table height of around 76 centimeters should be selected for a body height of 173 centimeters. If the body height is 187 centimeters, the tabletop should be at a height of about 82 centimeters.


If gaming is also to be carried out while standing, other height recommendations should of course be considered. People with a height of 170 centimeters should set their table to a height of around 113 centimeters. If the body height is 180 centimeters, the appropriate height setting for the table is 118 centimeters.


Enjoy maximum comfort while gaming thanks to a height-adjustable table

Gamers usually spend an extremely large proportion of their day in front of the screen. Over time, they are often confronted with the problem that it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable sitting position. One solution to this problem, however, is to alternate between sitting and standing while gaming.


This recommendation can be easily followed with a height-adjustable gaming table. This offers ideal adjustment possibilities, so that posture errors and back pain associated with them can be perfectly prevented. The advantages of height-adjustable desks are of course not only evident in the gaming sector, but also in everyday office life, where many people also suffer health problems from sitting for long periods of time.

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