Game Collecting On A Budget + Plus a Free Game Giveaway!

Are you wanting to build up your game collection, but you find it impossible due to your financial situation? Do you think starting a game collection has to be expensive? In my latest video below, I demonstrate how you could save you thousands of dollars and help you build your collection faster.


My mission, as Captain Frugal is to provide some great money saving tips to help a collector on a budget! You may already know some of these tips, but Captain Frugal said that he has never seen anyone share the final two secret tips! Make sure to also participate in the game giveaway at the end, and add your own tips in the comments section below.


Let’s help each other!



Game Collecting On A Budget- And A Game Giveaway!

Captain Frugal

I'm a comic fan that reviews games, comic books, and gear on a budget so that you don't waste your hard earned money. I also share my views on current issues. My son 'Little Frugal' occasionally makes videos with me as well.Check out my Youtube channel or follow me on Twitter @CaptainFrugal