Famous Pop-Culture Characters Spotted in Casino Games

For most people, casino games are just another way to escape routine (and have some fun while at it). However, for others, to play casino games is therapy, a familiar experience, a place they like to play. That is because by featuring so many pop-culture characters, casino games have not only become super popular and exciting but have also attracted the attention of new customers. Slot machine history is not only for gambling but for people who are passionate about pop culture, brand new trends, and interesting (sometimes even occult) symbols.



Why Pop-Culture Characters in Casino Game

Casino game manufacturers work hard to attract as many clients as possible. Thus, one of their goals will be to make the game as popular as possible. They will do that by introducing the common themes and symbols that we have just touched upon above. I mean, think about it – what better way to have you convinced that playing is worth it if not by making the games as familiar as possible and get around Gamstop as clearly as possible?


If you decide to play casino games (or are playing already), these are some of the most common and cool pop-culture characters.


Spike or William the Bloody from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The vampire slayer is something of a kind since he knows exactly how to gamble and gets pretty excited about it. He is not only a vampire but also a poker player and a villain, which makes everything so much more interesting. This is one of the most commonly played real casino games for free on the market since its occurrence. In the game and movie, Spike gets Buffy introduced to a demon that is not only gambling but also playing Texas Hold’em. The plot is based on this story and is not conventional, so don’t even think for a minute that you will get bored. This is a story that will challenge your world and make it way more fun, I can tell you that for sure.



Han Solo from Star Wars

One of the coolest characters in online casino games, Han Solo is not only a rebel and hero, but also a super iconic figure of the Star Wars movies. He is the lead who’s got the ladies and commands the Falcon to move quickly into the galaxy! This character has so much power and enthusiasm that, sometimes, it is hard to catch up with it.


If you’ve watched the Star Wars saga, you know by now that Han Solo challenges Lando Calrissian to a game – not any game but a game of Sabacc! Now, if you pair Sabacc to real money casino games, you’ll soon find out that it is similar to blackjack (not entirely but it has its similarities). However, winning would work with a hand of 21 instead of 23, according to the Sabacc rules. This out-of-space galaxy game is the favorite game of other planets (ehm, Tatooine) so it is pretty much an outside of this world game, after all, that happens in a galaxy far, far away. The coolest thing about it is that it covers so many categories and stories and has an endless stream of cool casino scenarios that will keep you pumped and going. Playing it will be enthusiastically fun!


Phileas Egg from Around the World in Eighty Days

This gambler, Phileas Egg, was one of the most adventurous characters in the book Around the World in Eighty Days. As a high-society aristocrat and gentleman, Egg spends almost all of his time playing (and high key winning) at a gentleman’s club in London called the Reform Club. He can bet as much money as he wants to because he’s got enough money and time, so he does. Phileas places a bet of £20,000 that he could navigate the world in 80 days or even less. Whist, Sabacc, and Texas Hold’em are just some of the most popular real money casino games that you could think of and play. Phileas Egg is just another outstanding popular character that is worth mentioning. s


Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind is just another movie that stares a powerful, rich gentleman, Rhett Butler. He is charming and charismatic but nonetheless the black sheep in his family. He is not as polite and good of a host as his Southern family so that’s exactly what makes him stand out. Butler is not only cool but also quite good looking. In the blockbuster movie Gone with the Wind, the actor who plays Butler is Clark Gable (1939).


Rhett Butler has an inner desire to win Scarlett O’Hara under any circumstances, which makes the whole plot of the game super interesting to unfold and discover. Butler becomes popular by playing lots of poker and impressing many women along his way. This takes place before he becomes a famous runner and lover. His gambling during the Civil War go up to $500,000, which are profits generated by gambling anyways (so you could see how he makes the best character of this story)! He manages to win Scarlett’s heart after all and thus, can play casino games endlessly.



If you are playing online casino games and have no clue where to start, make sure you consult a guideline book on that or reach out to someone. The characters that casinos usually feature are not only exciting, but also amazingly well-crafted. If you decide that it is your time to try something new, do it, you will not regret it! 

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