Contrast & Compare: Mobile Gaming vs PC Gaming


There has been a huge shift in the evolution of gaming since the 1990s. Today, all the major casinos allow gaming on a mobile app as well as continued gaming on PCs. Mobile gaming has changed the way people access and play online games, but PC gaming remains popular and here we look at the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms.



The smartphone has become an entertainment console for those keen on gaming.  Mobile gaming allows play at any time, wherever you are, which makes it far more convenient for gamers away from home. Mobile games have been modified so that the interface is light and suited for touchscreen interactions, as you will find at Cherry Jackpot Casino, which also offers a full account dashboard enabling you to claim bonuses, contact support, and deposit/withdraw at your leisure. Mobile gaming is also popular with sports bettors since it adds excitement when dealing with changing odds in a live game.


Availability of games

The same games are available to play on PC or mobile platforms.  However, not all online casinos have developed smartphone apps for all games, which means that some games have to be accessed on a phone via a web browser. Early PC users often used Adobe Flash for gaming, but this format disappeared forever at the end of 2020 due to security vulnerabilities and HTML advancements. This means that tens of thousands of Flash games have been lost to PC gamers.


With the release of improved models of smartphones, with bigger screens and better quality performance and graphics, companies are publishing plenty of action games, online slot games, puzzle games, and more for mobile gamers. Previously, software developers would release games for PC, Xbox One, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch which were not made available on mobile devices. Now, most games for mobile devices are launched simultaneously with other formats.



Gaming companies have been under intense competition in the mobile gaming market.  This means that mobile games are being offered more lucrative incentives to sign up than PC gamers.  There are free Welcome Bonus programmes for those signing up on online casino apps, with bonuses up to 200 per cent of your first deposit on account, with free spins also thrown in. These bonuses are far more generous than offers for PC gamers.  




Smartphones have high specifications and screen resolutions of 1080 X 2400 pixels or more which can match PCs. However, mobile gaming is limited to tapping, zooming and pinching. Another issue with mobile gaming is that you can only play one game at a time because of the small screen size which restricts tabbing which can be done on a PC.


With a PC, a high-resolution screen combined with powerful processors makes the gaming experience so much better than mobile gaming since the performance and graphics are far better. In addition, PC gaming allows you to play different games in different online casinos simultaneously. A PC also allows for more flexible control options by plugging in a controller via USB.



For gaming on the move, mobile gaming offers both convenience and portability. PC gaming offers a more engaging gaming experience, particularly if you are wanting a long gaming session.

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