A Hobby For All Ages: The Rise Of The Senior Citizen Gamer


Well, most people think that growing older means that there will be no more gaming. But that’s not true because you are your own boss. You decide whether to play or stop. As a gamer, why would you want to basically quit playing the video game that you keep enjoying? There is always a lovely innovation that will be unveiled on any newly introduced video game, which you as a gamer would love to play. According to an expert in guest post topics known as Daniel Bennet here, gaming will always be a hobby for all ages. The older you get, the more fun it should be playing with either your partner or children.


According to the latest statistical report of gamers, you will be surprised to know that most of the gamers are over 50 years old. And the amazing fact behind this is that they play all these games daily. It doesn’t matter what is your favorite as an elderly gamer, what’s necessary is that you stick to what you find pleasure in while playing. Whether it’s themed slot games from certified casino online in Canada.


Gaming Benefits for Senior Citizen Gamers

There’s no doubt that most people get addicted to gaming and gambling. However, elderly gambling or gaming for fun provides other benefits to senior citizen gamers. Gaming for seniors has provided a lot of unending health benefits, they can’t easily gather elsewhere. Even for new people that want to take video gaming as new, they might first need to learn how to operate consoles or other computerized devices to be able to control their gaming character.


Playing video games doesn’t require more than a gaming control being attached to your TV. However, when it comes to the benefits of being a senior citizen gamer, it includes:


  • A happy and healthy lifestyle

Most old people live alone, while others can’t find people that think as they do. But with video games, there’s always a thing that will match your preference and help you have fun daily. Elderly gaming as a hobby can psychologically improve your mental state compared to other adults who don’t play video games. For example, you will always be able to feel happy, which is enough in getting rid of depression.


There are different genres of games, whether you are a fan of action, adventure, cards, sports, or others. There’s always something available to make you feel happy. Most people that regard gaming as a kid’s activity do so because they haven’t tried it. If there’s something to always keep you thinking straight as a senior citizen, it’s playing video games.


  • Increase Intellectual Ability

Adults who are over 60 tend to easily forget a lot of things they usually know. Thereby losing control over what they are previously professional in doing. Studies show that by constantly playing strategic video games, it’s easy for people at the age of 60 and over to improve their intellectual abilities. You don’t need to play for 24 hours to get smarter, a few hours is enough to get you back on track while keeping you happy as you are doing what you like.


  • Fixes Brain Aging

The fact will always remain that almost everyone will definitely age in the future. However, gaming for the elderly is necessary, the fact that they often experience brain aging remains the same. But what if you could reverse the situation with video games to keep you thinking straight every minute of the day. Popular games like brain age and other games are known to train your brain as you play to restrict your brain from aging. There’s no doubt that most of the old people we came across today think better than younger people.



The rise of senior citizens as gamers has brought a lot of emotional, mental, and physical health benefits to the like of adults.

Susana Romero

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