World’s Biggest Gaming & Sports Events to Watch in 2023

Sports fanatics cannot get enough of sports, can they? This is why, if you check the statistics, about 65% of adults follow sports on TV, and 35% stream it.



Sports and gaming have evolved so much that it has dominated the gambling industry as well. You could easily estimate the popularity of sports in betting by looking at the number of people who seek NFL lines.


There are several sports and gaming events that sports fanatics can’t stop themselves from watching at least once. Wondering which ones? Check out the list below:


Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVI had around 112.3 million viewers making it the most-watched broadcast in five years (with the same or more expectations in the upcoming year). It has gained recognition for producing the most entertaining commercial. This is justified by the fact that people who aren’t a follower of the league can’t resist but watch its commercial.


Due to its massive popularity, the Super Bowl also telecasts super bowl trailers for new movies. The last ones were the MCU’s Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Justice League.



Wimbledon is one of the major annual tennis tournaments, with an extensive attendance of 500,397 (for 13 days) in 2019. The tournament is more than 100 years old, and it has maintained its prestige through consistent innovation.


Rugby World Cup

Played every four years, 2023 is a treat for rugby lovers as they can watch the Rugby World Cup in the year. It will be held in France in Oct 2023, and the finals will be played at Stade de France, Paris, France.


In 2019, the RWC had a massive audience with 857.28 million viewers in TV broadcasts. This was 26% more than RWC 2015. Not only that, a large number of fans witnessed the matches right in the stadium.


Cricket World Cup

Cricket is the next most popular sport after football, with an average audience of over 2.5 billion fans. It’s watched by 180 countries and has a huge fan base waiting for the iconic World Cup. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 (stages in the UAE) recorded a television reach of 167 million globally. The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will be held in India in November.


League of Legends World Championship

Dominating the eSports industry, the League of Legends World Championship is another popular gaming event worldwide. In 2018, its final had 99.6 million viewers, which was higher than the 2017s record. The event is well-known for its ceremonial performances and thrilling turn of events. So, it’s a must-watch for eSports lovers!;


These are the biggest gaming and sports events to watch in 2023. What are some of your favorite sports events?




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