Upcoming DC Game Rumored To Be Called ‘Outlaws’

A new image leaked on 4chan appears to confirm a new game coming from Warner Bros. titled “Outlaws”. Not much is known about the game at the moment but it appears to be set in the DC Universe as the Wayne Industries logo is clearly visible and it says DC comics at the bottom. Also at the bottom of the image is Epic Games which means at the very least it will have a PC port.

There are no signs as of yet that it will be ported to consoles. On the image are the words “World Premier Friday 26th” which means we will have to wait until Friday to know whether or not this is real or merely another 4chan hoax. The title Outlaws and the setting of Gotham City might suggest a connection to the book “Red Hood and The Outlaws” from DC Comics. In the book Jason Todd a.k.a. The Red Hood works together with his team of morally ambiguous heroes deal out a harsher form of justice than heroes like the Justice League are capable of. Rumors have been circulating for a while about Warner Bros. new game, some sources claim that the new title will be a very loot heavy game akin to Destiny or Borderlands.

Game Revolution suspects the announcement is a fake. They report:

Following the “leak,” a product listing for Outlaws also surfaced online reportedly showing the box for the game’s premium edition. While the box didn’t feature any artwork, it shared the same logo as the rumored promotional image.

It had previously been rumored that Rocksteady was working on a Suicide Squad game, which would adopt a live service model similar to Destiny 2. Considering that Outlaws would also follow a DC vigilante group, many believed the supposed leaks. However, while Rocksteady could potentially be working on a game based on the Outlaws, the promo image being lifted from a fan’s ArtStation page all but confirm that the leaks thus far have been fake.

It has also been suggested that Rocksteady is working on a brand new Batman game, apparently titled Batman Arkham Crisis and focused on the mysterious Court of Owls. However, this rumor also suggested that the game would launch in 2019, and considering we’re now nearly halfway through the year, this seems highly unlikely

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if there is an announcement in order to get concrete details about this game, but if these rumors are true, I will be very excited to see what Warner Bros. gives us.

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