Three Of The Best Superhero Games Of All-Time


Superheroes always have the ability to branch out and engage viewers regardless of what sector they enter. For a long time, superheroes have made the big screen their own, with the most popular superheroes seeing record grossing figures for the audiences that have packed into cinemas around the world to watch the latest releases.


However, being able to control your favourite superheroes is something that all fans dream about, and that is something that video games enable. But, which games have been the most successful among fans?




Spider-Man 2

The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films remain one of the most beloved superhero films of all-time. The second release in 2004 also saw a game released with the same title. This game was an immediate favourite amongst gamers and Spider-Man fans and was the best release for a long time focused on the superhero. The game itself wasn’t based on the film, but it was an enjoyable experience for all fans, as they were able to explore New York controlling the hero and battle some of the most prominent villains that Spider-Man faced.


Batman: Arkham Knight

There aren’t many superheroes that are more popular than the Dark Knight, and in 2015 Rocksteady released the critically acclaimed ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’. The game was available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, and it allowed players to roam around Gotham City while the city was under attack by Scarecrow. As well as Scarecrow, there are a number of Batman’s other greatest rivals against him in this game, including Harley Quinn, Penguin and the Riddler.


Official Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer - "Father to Son"


The game was a huge commercial success, as it was the fastest-selling game of 2015, and was also the highest-selling game for the same calendar year. It was revealed in 2015, that the game had exceeded five million sales around the world.



PlayStation owners were given a treat in 2018 after the release of Spider-Man. The game was only released on the Sony console, and it’s fair to say that the match was made in heaven. The one part of the game that deserves special praise was its ability to tell a strong story, which was something that potentially let down the 2004 release of Spider-Man 2. The game has the right balance of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, as players also have to deal with problems facing Parker throughout.


Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4


It was a huge success as soon as it was released, with a reported 3.3 million copies sold in the opening three days. Spider-Man was also a huge success in the United Kingdom, as it was the fastest-selling game of the calendar year, and was top of the selling charts for three weeks before being replaced by FIFA 19. The success that was achieved by the initial game has also led to a follow-up game titled ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’, while will be released as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.


Other Superhero Games

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