The Most Popular Esports Games You Should Know About

Most people are familiar with esports games all over the world. However, among the esports games, there are some which are considered popular than the rest. Esports is a battle between video game players, which involve several players engaging in sports. It includes multiplayer video game fights of teams or individual players. So, are you eager to know the most popular esports games worldwide? Here are the 7 games that top the international esports community.



Hearthstone -- The Tavern Is Open Trailer



Hearthstone is a Strategic Card Game, which involves a hero and a deck of cards. Anytime you play the game, cards are unlocked to the base and hero’s deck. players will then create a personal deck of cards from gathered cards. The competition also involves players of similar skill levels making it a game of thrilling card duels. Cards can be bought via virtual gold coins or actual money.   



Counter-Strike involves double teams, which is the terrorists and counter-terrorists. These two teams fight to control an area, and the circumstances will determine which one to get several objectives. In this case, the opposing team must foil. There are certain times whereby the counter-terrorists must save hostages from a terrorist. On the other hand, the terrorists have to plant a bomb where it’s likely to hit the counter-terrorists. A team should eliminate its opponent to receive score points, as well as virtual money. Sometimes a mistake can lead to shooting your teammate If you shoot your teammates, which results in the deduction of points and money. 


League of Legends 

This is a real-time strategy electronic sports game enjoyed by many worldwide involving two teams fighting each other. Their fight is usually facing to face and has five champions each. Also, its battlefield contains an arena-like structure to enable you to choose. All you need is to destroy your opponent’s base to defeat them. It’s not an easy one since you must some obstacles to defeat a team. 





Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

In PUBG, the players are thrown on the battlefield. The player will use a parachute to jump out of the plane with 99 participants, fighting hunger games style to the last winning man. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is known as the esports Battle Royale game, whereby you can fight alone, or with 4 team players. Fighting will be random among players until the map reduces in size. Any player outside a defined zone will die.



DOTA 2 is a roller-coaster real-time game that requires strategy. It has sophisticated designs that challenge players strategically. The teams in DOTA 2 are the Dire, and the Radiant, with each having 5 players. If a player selects a hero, he won’t be accessible for the others since the game aims at defending your base and destroying the opponent’s base.



With esports, you can never lack fun, as well as a lasting euphoria. The excitement that comes with esports can only be felt with the gamer and the spectators. You can also share the enthusiasm of the games with your communities and feel the thrill.

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