Retrospective: Remember the Old Casino Video Games We Grew Up With



Retro casino games can be the iconic fruit machines or penny slots still found in Las Vegas and across arcades and pubs everywhere. These games were incorporated into the earliest video games that were played on old consoles, including those from Atari. Since those days, casino gaming has evolved and now some of the top poker players are those who learned their skills purely online. Here we look at some of the top retro casino games they and we may have grown up with


High Stakes Gambling

If you had a Nintendo Game Boy, it is likely you would have played the popular High Stakes Gambling, launched in 1992. This black and white video game was one of the first digital casino titles, training players in blackjack, slots, video poker and craps, titles that can still be demonstrated on the top-rated Betfair casino review. Players used the games to trap mobsters including Machine Gun Max and Al Cologne, helped by Shady, the back-alley bandit, to obtain cheat items to help them outplay the mafia bosses, ending in a showdown of draw poker.


Casino Kid

Released in 1989 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console, Casino Kid is one of the oldest retro games that combined gaming with a storyline. The first game from the series takes you on a trip to become the greatest gambler in the city of Lost Wages by playing poker and blackjack games. Casino Kid 1 was a very detailed game at the time and the sequel, which also included roulette, was also critically-acclaimed. This is one retro game that has been removed from the archives and can again be played online.  



Vegas Stakes

With Nintendo’s 1993 Vegas Stakes, the aim was to turn USD1,000 into USD10 million by wagering on casino games in play. Vegas Stakes recreated a real casino experience into video game format so well, including multiplayer options, that it has been the inspiration for many online casinos used today. The game featured blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, and craps, across different casinos. In the game, Richard, Cliff, Maria and Isabelle give advice, though depending on which character is helping you in which game the advice may be good or bad.



Golden Nugget 64

Re-released for play in 2015, Golden Nugget 64 was originally released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 console. This casino title was the first to include realistic graphics with games including slots, craps, baccarat and poker. Players start the game with USD1,000 in their account and the aim was to increase this to progress in the game. This game was used by many to hone their casino skills in time for real play when the iGaming industry boomed.


And who can forget the gateway games…? Thanks Atari 2600


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