Rant from the Multiverse: Paramount Fixes Sonic After Backlash


In one of those rare moments of a studio actually listening to the fans, Paramount has apparently spent the time and resources to redeem their upcoming Sonic Movie! Tyson Hesse, ope of the main contributors to Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, as well as IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, was called in to help lead the new design on the movie. Hesse also animated for the opening cutscene and the pre-order trailer of Sonic Mania and has directed for Sonic Mania Adventures. From the looks of the trailer below, they’ve completely overhauled the character design for Sonic and I have to admit that their changes definitely make it work!



Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


The best part is, that a lot of the jokes in here are very much in character for Sonic. I and many others feel that the horrid previous model would’ve taken so much away from this film. Going with a model that’s far more true to the games model makes this far more acceptable, believable, and helps viewers keep their belief suspended. 


Let me explain.


Talks from the Multiverse: Sonic Has Been Fixed!

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