PS5 Pre-Orders Are Here: Why You Should Never Buy Consoles at Launch


Being the first to own the latest console on the block has a bragging right to it, but there’s also some downsides. While many people are anxiously hoping to get Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 console over the holiday season, there’s a few good reasons to wait.



Both the PS5 and the Xbox One X are this year’s hottest tech, and they are remarkable examples of modern computing hardware. So we’re not at all saying you shouldn’t buy one or both of those awesome new consoles, but we’re going to outline some reasons why you shouldn’t be camping out overnight to get one.


Here’s 4 reasons why you should never buy consoles at launch.


Waiting for patches is no fun

We see this all the time in technology. The first people to own the latest tech are almost like beta testers for what the tech could become. Nothing is perfect at launch, and there’s often many issues to be smoothed out with large launch day patches, and frequent optimization patches afterwards.


As a perfect example, the long anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has a launch day patch of around 43GB, and many more issues to be addressed that the launch day patch didn’t improve. The PS5 itself has a launch day patch but only around 800MB, but you can expect many early titles to rush to launch and then require large patches sometime later.


It’s the worst when you’re really excited to play your new console on a day off from work, and then have to wait for a bunch of patches to download before you can start gaming. On the bright side, you can load up some .io games to play for free in the PS5 browser.


The scalp bot problem

If you purchase a console at the very beginning, you will pay more for it. Sadly, that is exactly how it is with most new tech items.


The price of new consoles will always considerably drop after only a year, and you’ll also be fighting against online scalper bots just trying to buy a new PS5 at retail price.


The 20GB PS3 model dispatched at $499.99 and the 60GB model at an astounding $599.99. At that point just a year later, you could buy a 40GB model for just $399.99. One more year from that point forward, you could buy an 80GB model for $399.99. We do know that we get a better deal down the road so why not avail it?


The best games will roll out slowly

We saw some incredibly cool games during the PS5 feature. Our favorite top choice for online 2 player games was Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which showed exactly how quick the PS5’s loading times can be. Sadly, not a single game on that rundown is as of now scheduled to dispatch close to the PS5 launch.


And of course, we’re just simply not going to get Portal 3, on any console.



Replacements are quite difficult to get

Another downside of pre-ordering it or getting on a launch is that if it breaks, it is hard to get a replacement. Especially during the holidays when shipping centers and couriers are at their busiest time of the year, getting a replacement for a console damaged in shipping, or even tracking a lost package, can be incredibly difficult and frustrating.


It also doesn’t help that the PS5 pre-order launch was a total disaster.

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