Myths, Legends & History Provide Ideal Inspiration for Slots Industry

When it comes to pop culture, rarely is the material created entirely original. While it might not copy directly from any other sources of media, this sort of content is often inspired by real-life figures and historical events.


We see it over and over again in the worlds of TV, film, and video gaming. Countless books, too, have their basis in historical reality, including many examples of high-fantasy fiction, like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.


The slots industry is no exception. Drawing its inspiration from the world around it, as in the case of its pop-culture counterparts, it has many titles inspired by real-life figures, archaic belief systems, and ancient myths and legends.


Here are four fascinating examples for the history nerds among us.


 Cleopatra Gold


If you were in the mood for a historically themed piece of media, one place you might want to check out is Paddy Power bingo slots, where you’ll find one particular game titled Cleopatra Gold. As one of the most popular offerings from IGT, this has everything a history nerd might expect, from gorgeous Egyptian-esque graphics through to a series of interesting symbols inspired by myth and legend. With a mesmerizing soundtrack and immersive atmosphere, it’s sure to transport you to another place and time entirely.


Rise of Olympus

While it’s not inspired by any singular character from history, Rise of Olympus is also fun for those who enjoy an old-world theme. Based on Greek myth and legend, it takes you to a realm where volatile gods reign supreme. Filled with gorgeous graphics, it contains lots of nods – both obvious and covert – to the stories that underpinned this ancient and fascinating civilization. If you know anything about this era, you’ll likely be incredibly impressed by the level of detail included.


Ave Caesar



Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece were among the most famous archaic civilizations. Leaders in art, philosophy, and more, they were only rivaled by the greatest empire of them all: Rome. Taking one of its most influential and legendary leaders, Ave Caesar is a great game to play for those with an interest in this period of history. It doesn’t have the lavish graphics of the two slots mentioned above, going instead for a comic-book-inspired style of illustration, but it nonetheless draws heavily on historical fact, with lots of its symbols and styling inspired by this era.


Sons of Asgard

Our final pick for this list is one that’s likely to appeal not only to those with an interest in the Viking age, but fans of Marvel too. Superbly designed and gorgeously drawn, this particular slot takes two of our favorite Norse leviathans and pits them against each other to see who comes out on top. Like the Thor-inspired films that have proven so popular in recent years, it draws on the mythos surrounding these characters to create an immersive and compelling narrative, while also featuring lots of Norse symbols to delight die-hard fans of the era and its incredible legends.


Which of these four suitably nerdy slots would you want to play first?

Susana Romero

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