Marvel Scandal Involving a RPG

by Avi Green

One Angry Gamer’s reported that the Marvel Heroes online RPG is being shut down because it turns out the CEO in charge of the game’s implicated himself in another sexual misconduct scandal:

Starting December 31st, 2017 Disney and Gazillion Entertainment will be shutting down Marvel Heroes, the isometric, MMO action-RPG. Disney is also severing ties with Gazillion following the shut down. This news comes amid the growing spread of allegations in the news sphere regarding sexual misconduct committed by the game’s CEO, Dave Dohrmann.

MassivelyOP is reporting that the CEO of Gazillion had various allegations levied at him for sexual misconduct. The reports surfaced back in October when lots of other allegations against tech moguls and entertainment big shots surfaced following Harvey Weinstein being outed as a sex pest. Some allegations came out through Glass Door from former employees, others popped up during a tell-all stream that resulted in the CEO locking down his Twitter account, along with various other people revisiting a blog post from years ago that may disturb some readers.

This may not have involved a Marvel employee per se, but given a game based on their inventory was involved, that’s why it’s certainly a source of shame now. You have to wonder when we’re going to find an actual Marvel employee in recent times will turn out to be another sex pest, because if a game based on their comics turned out to have a scumbag doing the management, there’s every chance a Marvel intern or freelancer will be turn out to be a bad lot next. The other shoe is bound to drop sooner or later.

Originally posted at the Four Color Media Monitor
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