Let’s Learn: MEGS DC Superheroes RPG

Recently I have been looking back at games I used to play and rediscovering them as I find these games have a lot more play value and leave a lot up to your imagination.

I really like games that make you think, games that challenge your mind as a Game Master and as a player. Most of the stuff here at Bleeding Fool is comic book based, so let’s look at one of the best Superhero games of the ’90s.

I have been doing a series of videos on my YouTube Channel, so let’s start you at #4, which is character creation:

M.E.G.S. DC HEROES RPG #4 - Character Creation Part 1 | Attributes

If you just want a feel for what the boxsets and books look like, check out my unboxing video in episode 1:

M.E.G.S. DC HEROES RPG #1 - Talking about the different editions

Vince The Evil DM

Raised in the '80s and enjoys all RPGs, DC Comics and movies that don't push agendas. The Evil DM is an Ennie Award winning writer that has over 25 years of experience in tabletop gaming, is the host of various RPG Podcasts, including Roll for Initiative and Roll High or Die! He also has his own youtube channel where he hosts gaming advice for the OSR Movement.