Intergalactic Superstars: 3 Space-Based Video Games You Must Play


Space may be the final frontier, it is also a theme that the gaming industry has turned to time and time again when creating new experiences for players to enjoy. Games come in many forms and genres these days, but there is just something truly compelling about heading off on an intergalactic adventure – and that appears to be an idea that developers have always understood.


Back to the start

Gaming’s relationship with space goes back to the very beginning, as some of the earliest examples of the pastime featured the theme. For example, Syfy Wire and other sites point to the fact that one of the earliest known digital video games was Spacewar! in the 1960s. In addition, any history of video gaming simply has to make reference to the iconic Space Invaders.


Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Reveal Trailer


Fast forward to the present and space-themed games are still going strong, Star Wars: Squadrons has recently been launched and allows players to immerse themselves in battles based on the famous science-fiction franchise. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of space-themed games is its flexibility and universal appeal.


This has led to space themes being embraced by many other forms of gaming. For example, Genesis Casino features an intergalactic influence including imagery of planets and stars across its pages. The site also urges players to leave Earth behind and begin a search for new games including slots and live casino titles. Considering the variety of space-themed games, what are the best space-inspired titles out there? Leaving Star Wars: Squadrons to one side for a moment, we have selected a trio of games that are well worth exploring.


EVE Online

Anyone who wants to feel the vastness of space in their gameplay could try EVE Online, which is a multiplayer online experience. Players can explore, engage in battles, and get involved in everything from politics to piracy in this title, which is set across 7,000 star systems. You can captain your own ship, of which there are over 350 to choose from, and take that ship across the galaxy on adventures that are deemed to be limitless and peerless by fans of the game.


Star Trek Timelines

If you’re looking for something that is mobile-friendly, this title based on that other famous science fiction franchise could be worth exploring.


As the name suggests, Star Trek Timelines offer up adventures across space and time, as players can build a crew of characters from across the franchise’s different shows and movies.‘s review also highlights how it features space battles and the chance to tackle missions.


Star Trek Timelines Launch Trailer


Mass Effect

The Mass Effect franchise is highly-regarded by gamers and critics alike, with the PC version of the original game having a Metascore of 89 on Metacritic.


Specialist game site Gfinity revealed that a remastered version of the original trilogy is on the way, although it is thought that the release date of the so-called Legendary Edition has been pushed back to sometime next year.


Blast off on an adventure

Space-themed video games can be a huge amount of fun and the trio above are just a few names you should look out for if you’re planning to try one. There are plenty more out there too, so take some time to do your research and find the title that offers the right level of intergalactic intrigue for you.

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