Intense New ‘Call of Duty’ Videogame Trailer Features Actual KGB Defector

Yuri Bezmenov is the high-ranking KGB defector whose warning about Soviet subversion — noting it takes only 15-20 years to demoralize a country, once you capture its media and schools — is often cited.


The new Call of Duty entry is called “Cold War.” It features long clips from Bezmenov, and shows images of 1960s radical protesters as he shifts from talking about the first step of subversion (demoralization) to the second (destabilization).


I’m so suspicious of anyone in the entertainment or tech industries that I take this as an attempt to claim that the last step in Soviet subversion is… Trump.


But leftwingers are freaking out about the use of a KGB defector exposing all their plans, so I guess I’ll take it that way too, provisionally.


Just because a former KGB agent warned us that Marxist propaganda and agitation was intended to destabilize us from the inside doesn’t mean the avowedly-Marxist grievance terrorists of Black Lives Matter who have besieged our cities and destroyed our economy for 80+ days are just executing the Marxist active measures plan.


It could just be like a coincidence or something.




The original, full length and informative interview with KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov can be viewed below.



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