How Casino Games are Programmed


When it comes to the chances of winning big on casino games there is a popular expression that states “the house always wins”. This does not mean the games are rigged due to cheating by the casino owners or management, but rather that a house edge allows the company to run as a business whilst still letting players win. Here we look deeper into how casino games are programmed to show they are fair to players and casinos.



Regulation and licensing

All land-based and online casinos should be licensed by gaming regulators which perform regulatory oversight and third-party audits for pay-out percentages, security issues, and fairness. You can view the licensing of reputable online casinos like 888 live casino at the base of the company’s home page. Companies like eCogra have tested and certified thousands of games for online gambling jurisdictions across the globe and have a solid reputation for efficient and high-quality testing and certification process that protects players and online gaming standards.



Understanding the House Edge

Every legitimate casino will have a house edge incorporated into the casino games it has available. This allows the casino to make money on the games because it has a long-term mathematical advantage. At the same time, players can still win since the casino will make enough from those who lose to cover a win and retain some profit.

The mathematical advantage, or House Edge, varies with each game and sometimes within each variant of a game. The house edge can be as low as half of one per cent in Blackjack, rising to four per cent on slots. The related Return to Player (RTP) calculation is the average amount of money returned to players which would be 99.5 per cent in blackjack, and 96 per cent in slots.



Software developers set the House Edge

The higher a house edge the better the chances of a large payout, though it is worth bearing in mind that different bets within a game can alter the house edge. There are online charts which breakdown all this information for each game so you decide which is best for you.


Slot machines, keno, and some craps bets are programmed with the highest house edges and are the most popular games which give casinos the most profit. The games with a high house edge also give players the best chance to win big and are almost always included in bonuses offered by casinos as part of a welcome deal or as thanks for loyalty.


When a casino buys a game from a manufacturer, it is the casino that can choose which works best to fit what they already have to maintain a competitive position. This means games can be both programmed and random as the odds of the game are set so the naturally lead to the house edge or expected payback percentage.  The programmer of a game simply sets the odds of the game, and then random chance takes its course to expected returns.


It is worth remembering that random results are not the same as equal results. Odds are set so big winners turn up less often than other combinations.

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