“Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne” Videogame Launches on Kickstarter!

Girl Genius™, the legendary, multiple Hugo Award winning graphic novels, and game studio Rain Games of “Teslagrad” fame joins forces to create a new videogame, launching on Kickstarter!


Girl Genius Kickstarter Video


“We’re so excited to have the opportunity to create a game in the world of Girl Genius. We’ve licensed parts of the Girl Genius works, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it and create a unique video game experience”, project lead Kenneth Engelsen says.



Girl Genius is the brainchild of Phil & Kaja Foglio, telling the epic story of Agatha Heterodyne, a genius “Spark” in a Vernian world of airships, steam clanks and MAD SCIENCE! The Industrial Revolution is in full swing, and the power struggle is on, in an alternate, high fantasy version of Europe. As Agatha discovers her true family lineage, she finds herself at the center of an ancient conflict between the warring powers of Europe, and must take her seat at the table as a “True Heterodyne”.



“[…] but as in any good princess-growing-up story, our heroine needs a castle!”, Kenneth Engelsen says. “That’s where we come in, and tell Agatha’s story from book 7 to 12,where Agatha enters the derelict and mysterious Castle Heterodyne, perched on top of the mountain in Mechanicsburg. The observant reader might notice the name of the castle, and that’s part of Agatha’s quest; to wrestle the castle under her control and gain her lineage title as a “True Heterodyne.”.


Girl Genius Supercut




“We’re aiming at giving the players the very satisfactory game loop of Metroidvania, where the castle’s interior opens up new paths, both to objectives and secrets, as Agatha grows in power, and gets access to advanced equipment.” Kenneth Engelsen says. “Agatha is a head-on kind of a person, and she solves… problems, both through wit and  Fun-Sized-Mobile-Agony-And-Death-Dispensers! Also; in exploration, Agatha can control her trusty Dingbot, a small clank buddy, which can help you explore the castle in many different ways. For example drilling underground to reach a secret room. It speaks in emotes though, and is quite grumpy!”.

Launching on Kickstarter, the goal is to partially fund the game development, and create a community around the game.


“Since a video game of this style and size has not been created before for Girl Genius, we wanted to test the potential popularity of the game on Kickstarter, and also learn to do Kickstarter ourselves”, Kenneth Engelsen says. “We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions of Girl Genius fans around the world to the game, and also fans of Rain’s own games and games in general. I think that when all these groups come together as backers on Kickstarter, we’ll have a great community for our game going forward.”

The Kickstarter is LIVE now so check it out here!

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