Fed Up Fans Remaster Classic Star Wars Video Games

So what’s a hard-core gamer to do when they want modern graphics, but the modern games incessantly pester gamers with social justice propaganda?  Why, remaster decades old games that were far more entertaining, thanks to their lack of social justice dullardry, of course.

I’ve written before about fan efforts for a Knights of the Old Republic game, and the 1313 video game effort.  But there are even more efforts out there I’d like to show you!

The first is an update of the PC classic, X-Wing Fighter.  Even the SJW morons at Polygon had to admit how awesome it looked. And it DOES look amazing!


Star Wars X-Wing - PC CLASSIC Getting Rebuilt By Fans!!!


The next one is a fan remaster of the Star Wars Pod Racer game from Episode I, the episode that the media claims was hated universally by fans.



Star Wars Pod Racer Game REMADE IN UNREAL ENGINE 4 by Star Wars Fan! (Pod Racing Game!)


The next is a fan remaster of Rogue Squadron HD in Unreal Engine 4.



Only one thing is for sure.  As the social justice screeching gets louder in our entertainment, more and more of these efforts will rise, dawn, and/or awaken.  Let’s just hope that these efforts aren’t extinguished by Disney/Lucasfilm as the Knights of the Old Republic effort was.  Because if they are, then they’ll become even more widespread in underground Bit Torrents.






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