Drag the Dead: A Dark Satire Videogame that Pulls No Punches


It’s an all new zombie game with no complex puzzles. No power ups. No reloading. Just walk, aim, shoot. That’s it.


Drag the Dead is a new video game from David Murdoch and it sounds brilliantly simple. Kill a zombie and don’t stop moving.


“We’ve stripped this project down to basics. No running, no jumping. No reloading, no health kits, no ammo. Just walk, aim and shoot.” Murdoch says, adding that Drag the Dead is a “simple, single player shooter full of dark satire and really pulls no punches.”


“I’ve worked in game development for the better part of the last 9 years and in a creative capacity for much longer.” Murdoch adds. “I’ve also seen the vast majority of my colleagues become completely insane and I’m very well acquainted with the gatekeeping, cancelation, black books and threats levied against those who might break from the dogma. This game is my response – my blazing middle fingers. I decided I’ve had enough and decided two years ago to do something about it, and that something is Drag the Dead. Think of it as the answer to Terfenstein! Just not as bloodthirsty.”



The game’s synopsis reads “a mind virus has taken hold of the population! Assume the role of drag-queen–zombie-slayer extraordinaire Zane Dmaaj and battle your way through mobs of NPZees, Fatties, SoiBois and more in the high octane, pearl clutching shooter Drag the Dead! A heart of gold, a corset of vengeance, fabulous in a world of revolt – don’t get in her way! Dive into the chaos and fight to the end and see if you can put a stop to the mental pathogen that’s turned humanity into a mindless mob of miscreant monsters!”


Murdoch plans to take the game from single player to multiplayer and introduce new characters, new enemies, new levels and customization features. The game is coming to Steam soon, and you can learn more about it there, but this first phase is only the building block for something even bigger. Murdoch says his greatest challenge at this stage is getting the word out about the game to potential players.



“We’re all watching the anti-Hogwarts campaign fail and it’s fabulous, however, a lot of those picking the title up just because the alphabet mafia is telling players they can’t are still feeding their money and attention into a franchise created by someone that hates them and labels everyone to the right of her your standard checklist of ist-a-phobes, and that money is just going to keep feeding more woke content,” he says. “I’m trying to build something here that succeeds in the face of the current game industry.”


Learn more about the project at drag-the-dead.com.


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