Dark Horse Comics’ Lightstep Chronicles Game Coming to Steam

Imprisoned by an AI with a split personality disorder.

Looking for a narrative adventure set in a Sci-Fi setting? Does the idea of being trapped on an alien vessel with an insane AI sound intriguing to you? Well, look no further than the upcoming title “Lightstep Chronicles”


Lightstep Chronicles is an atmospheric narrative-driven game that follows Captain Cain Pheonix as he gets trapped on board the alien vessel by an AI that suffers from multiple personalities disorder. Besides talking to it, you’ll get a chance to explore the ship and some of its features. Play your cards right, say the right things, and maybe you’ll get a chance to save your teammates. Play them wrong, and you might get killed. That’s right – this is a narrative adventure in which you can die. Check out the playable demo here.

SYNOPSIS: A routine mission fails and Cpt Cain Phoenix’s squad is abducted by a mysterious spaceship. Their survival relies on his ability to communicate with the broken AI and puzzle out the grim secrets of the ship in this dark sci-fi text-based adventure.

Lightstep Chronicles Official Gameplay Teaser

You play as a military captain exploring an off-world underground crashsite. You discover an ancient spaceship of alien technology and imperial livery, and are then whisked away on an intergalactic adventure of trying to stay alive and relevant in a spaceship that clearly has a hidden agenda. At the heart of Lightstep Chronicles is a text-based adventure, allowing you to communicate with the ship’s AI, a manic creature that seems to be at war with itself.

Lightstep Chronicles is set in stunning futuristic art deco off-world locations, sharing the universe of the Dark Horse Comics series Lightstep. The game focuses on the thin line between humanity and artificial intelligence, and the very nature of transcendence. 

The game is set in the “Lightstep Universe”- a world established inside the successfully kickstarted comic “Lightstep Chronicles” published by Dark Horse Comics.  Lightstep Chronicles is an atmospheric narrative adventure that features AI with multiple personality disorder.  Lightstep Chronicles launches on Steam on August 1, 2019 



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