You’re Invited to DC FanDome: The Virtual Event Returns This October

DC FanDome is going to follow up its massive 2020 event with a virtual gathering in 2021, DC Comics announced on Wednesday.


“This October, you’re invited to DC Fandome,” a video tweeted by DC Comics announced. The first DC FanDome kicked off in August as a massive 24-hour event. At the last minute, it split into two separate days and allowed some of its programming to be more spread out while content was also given an opportunity to be created for the later event behind-the-scenes. The first event featured movie and TV announcements, DC Comics publishing content and events, and more.



Now, as the future of the DC movie world looks to find its footing, the new event will have plenty of titles to pull from on the movie front. The Suicide Squad will release before this October event but Black Adam, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, The Flash, The Batman, and HBO Max’s Peacemaker series are among titles following it. The event will also feature plenty of comics content, as well as updates and panels for the DC TV shows which air on The CW and HBO Max.


DC FanDome will return on October 16, 2021.



via ComicBook


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