Why I’m Celebrating Bleeding Fool Today

Yes, two years on and going strong.


I think that we can all agree that Bleeding Fool is the best comic book publication with “Bleeding” in the title, and it’s the one least likely to jam up your computer and give it a virus… So it’s got that going for it.



AND, it also has a diamond in the rough known as the Indie Comics Showcase from John Lemus (and sometimes Chris Braly). As both a creator and a backer of indie comics myself, this is an incredibly valuable resource! It allows me to learn about many creators and their creations without having to sit through dozens of hours of livestreams.


I have backed AT LEAST a dozen books because of this feature, and many people backed my comic Movie Men because of it.


So Happy Birthday, Bleeding Fool! You’re two years old and I hope you last for two HUNDRED years, at least!


Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott is author of Movie Men, currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.