Virtual Indie Comics Convention CRoM Con VI & Indie Comics Cast This Wkd

Pops Van Zant is a lifelong fan of comics and is the founder and host of CRoM Con. “CRoM” is the name for the organizers’ “Comic Related Madness” mascot, a Facebook group for indie creators and comic book fans. With the cancellations of so many comic book conventions this year due to the pandemic, CRoM Con was born.  This weekend marks their 6th which grew out of the lack of live cons and Pops’ friends needing a place to “set up a table.”


Organizers hosted the first show back in April which they started planning when Emerald City Comic Con went down. Organizer Pops Van Zant had launched Comic Related Madness shortly before then and it had a small, but active following. That’s when he wondered, “How can I help my creator/artist friends in my Facebook group Comic Related Madness”.  At that time the group was only about 500 members.



CRoM Con VI Guest list (all times eastern)


Friday Sept 4th Pre-con show

  • 8:00p Frank James Bailey
  • 8:30p Nyobi Komix LPH
  • 9:00p Peat’s Pit with Angel Manuel Lopez, Jay Peralta and more


Saturday Sept 5th Day 1

  • Noon Meredith Loughran
  • 1:00 Danny Morales
  • 1:30 Arash Zandieh
  • 2:00 CRoM Con Artist Alley 3 artists 2 cams each
  • 3:00 Christie Shinn
  • 3:30 Charles Simpson
  • 4:00 Nicholas Elias, Carlos Ramos, Paul L Garcia and Lucky Lucci
  • 4:30 Mike Wheeler
  • 5:00 Michael A. Baron
  • 5:30 Mindy Wheeler
  • 6:00 The Art of Rodney Fyke
  • 7:00 Benito Horrorshow Andino
  • 7:30 Allen Johnson
  • 8:00 Damian Starr
  • 8:30 Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon
  • 9:00 Russell Allen, Wendy Steen Shaner and many more


Sunday Sept 6th

  • Noon Third Empire’s Rog Mahan and guests
  • 1:00 Barron Robert Bell
  • 1:30 Michael Dolce
  • 2:00 Moto Glass
  • 2:30 Ernest Mcclendon
  • 3:00 Shawn Howe
  • 3:30 David Whalen
  • 4:00 Mark McCann
  • 4:30 Chuck Pineau
  • 5:00 William Samuel Quinton
  • 5:30 Les Lindon Garner
  • 6:00 Anthony Figaro
  • 6:30 Jonathan Thompson
  • 7:00 CRoM Con Artist Alley
  • 8:00 Todd Mulrooney
  • 8:30 Tobias Codakhrome
  • 9:00 Tmt Nova
  • 9:30 Final Panel


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