New 2020 Dates Announced for Some Top ComicCons

Top comic cons around the world


It is really in the past decade or so that comic cons have entered mainstream consciousness – just as comic books and geek culture have in general. Comic cons are getting bigger and more spectacular all the time and are now a global industry in themselves, but like most others they have been hit by the pandemic. That means that many of them will be cancelled this year, but the Covid-19 restrictions won’t last forever and looking forward to attending top conventions is a happy reminder of that. San Diego Comic-Con canceled for the first time in its 50-year history amid the coronavirus pandemic, and will instead return to the San Diego Convention Center from July 22-25, 2021. But other top cons have been able to reschedule to later dates, such as the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. They’ve rescheduled for August 21-23.


Here are a few others.



New York Comic Con


As you would expect from one of the world’s biggest and most exciting cities, the New York Comic Con is considered the top dog among US conventions – and the great news is that it has not yet fallen to the virus. The annual highlight of the New York Comic Con is the Super Week. This is spread across 25 Big Apple locations and includes over 100 activities every year. Details on who will be appearing at this year’s event haven’t been released yet, but last year’s list included the likes of Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols and former Dr Who Christopher Eccleston. The 2020 con is now scheduled for October 8th to 11th.





This annual convention takes place in Orlando, Florida, and it has managed to attract the icon himself Stan Lee as a guest speaker in previous years. Everything about MegaCon is huge, from the massive convention centre where it is held, to the number of special guests. MEGACON has been moved this year from April to June 4-7, 2020.  due to the coronavirus, so take that humid Florida weather into account when you are deciding on an outfit for cosplay. Guests that have confirmed for this year include Dave Bautista from the Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy movies and that man Eccleston again, so MegaCon should easily live up to its billing again this year.



Comic Market


If you are passionate about rare manga comic books then this bi-annual con in Tokyo is easily the best of them all. It is otherwise known as Comiket and features a market where people who create and publish the sought after dojinsha manga comic books sell their wares. Vast numbers of fans attend the market each year to pick up books that are unavailable anywhere else and this unique angle makes it one of the top comic cons in the world. The 2020 summer Comiket was due to take place between May 2nd and 5th, but was officially cancelled in late March. That was the first cancellation in the entire history of the event, but not surprising given the global situation right now.


These are three comic cons that no self respecting lover of comic books and movies should go through life without experiencing. Furthermore, despite so many events around the world being cancelled, the good news is that two of them can still be experienced this year if you can grab a ticket

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