Indie Comics Event CRoM Con 15 is Happening This Weekend


Pops Van Zant and the team at the “Madness Comic Network” are coming at you once again with the monthly event


CRoM Con 15, this weekend June 26th and 27th…The people at the Comic Related Madness Facebook group are not slowing down… another full weekend of guests and a couple special  hosts for guest panels. Varian Grant of Indie Volt and R.J. Carter of Critical Blast
Saturday June 26th beginning at 12pm est with Danny Morales and guests, and there will be a 6pm Launch Party for Rich Perotta’s “Incantesi #2” and at 9pm Varian, Randy and Lola are bringing the indie volt team to close out the night 

Then on Sunday June 27th beginning at 12pm est with Glenn B. Fleming and friends and then JD Calderon will “cancel” Pops and take over the show for a few hours. At 6pm ANOTHER LAUNCH PARTY for Will Peden’s “HeelTurn Comic” will kick off and at 9pm RJ from Critical Blast will take us out. All times are eastern.
Here is the full schedule.
Monday Madness (4pm est) has a new co-host, Rich Perotta  and debuting on Monday June 28th following the Madness show “POPPIN’ with Piper and Pops” a new show for first time creators!!
This week featuring Tim Lattie Check out all our content at Comic Related Madness Facebook group and on 



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