Here’s How HBO Max is Celebrating Annual ‘Batman Day’


Celebrate Batman Day on September 19 with HBO Max, the premiere destination to stream your favorite Batman series and films from the DC library.


Batman is the ultimate crusader against injustice and shows there’s a superhero in all of us. Fans of all ages around the world can embrace their inner Caped Crusader and participate in a variety of activities to celebrate the timeless DC Super Hero. And what would Batman Day be without the iconic Bat-Signal?! Fans can learn how to build their very own through how-to videos and activity kits and share their own version of the Bat-Signal on social media. From free digital comics to other promotions and activities, keep visiting for the latest news and information.


See below for list of both live action and animated Batman movies and series and available to stream on HBO Max on Batman Day through the end of September.


●      Batman, 1989

●      Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, 1998

●      Batman & Robin, 1997

●      Batman and Harley Quinn, 2017

●      Batman Begins, 2005

●      Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker, 2000

●      Batman Forever, 1995

●      Batman Returns, 1992

●      Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition, 2016

●      Batman vs. Dracula, The, 2005

●      Batman vs. Robin, 2015

●      Batman vs. Two-Face, 2017

●      Batman: Assault on Arkham, 2014

●      Batman: Gotham Knight, 2008

●      Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, 2016

●      Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, 2012

●      Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, 2013

●      Batman: The Killing Joke, 2016 (HBO)

●      Batman: Under the Red Hood, 2010

●      Batman: Year One, 2011

●      Beware the Batman, 2013

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