A Good Bloody Birthday to the Bleeding Fool!


When I first came to Bleeding Fool… I thought it was all about BLOOD-LETTING FOOLS, like those of the medieval days of old.


Who wouldn’t enjoy a little comic book news and some gushing blood?


Well color me SHOCKED, when I did a search through my BF… and all I could find is BRIE news.


Well ok… I’m good with a nice bit of CHEESE with my grapes.


No wine. Just grapes and cheese. It’s all I could afford.


Well color me SHOCKED-er, when I discovered BRIE wasn’t a cheese… but a CHEESY IDIOT.


And THAT’s when I subdued my expectations to depths unheard off and came to the conclusion this was a NEWS site!


Color me SHOCKEDest… an actual news site in the sea of FAKE NEWS!



No longer do I have to have a LARGE SEA SALT CONTAINER beside me, when I’m reading the latest fake news.


Honestly, my daily salt intake of one liter has dropped dramatically while consuming my Bleeding Fool.  I’m no longer on DEATH’s DOOR for overdosing on salt… and my nickname of “SALTY GEORGIE the SALTIEST SALTY SURFING THE NET”… stopped.



My vision is good now and I don’t need braille on my screen to read articles or see boobs.


But, enough about me… this article is to celebrate my Bleeding Fool… and since I’m stressed to type as little as possible when I need to convey my thoughts to someone on the internet… I will say the following:



George Gatsis

George Peter Gatsis is an illustrator and has been hands on producing a wide range of Advertising & Marketing content for the past 20 years. When he isn't creating, George loves to relax, put his feet up and read comic books, watch movies and TV, and eat a plain cheese burger with sweet potato fries. Check out his website georgepetergatsis.com and subscribe to his Youtube channel, and follow him on Twitter.