DC Comics Artist Steve Lightle Has Passes Away at Age 61


Celebrated comic book artist Steve Lightle has passed away. His son Matthew revealed the news on his father’s Facebook page, announcing that Lightle passed away on the morning of Friday, January 8 from cardiac arrest, later it was confirmed he also tested positive for COVID-19 by his wife.

Lightle was best known to comic readers for his contributions to DC Comics titles including Legion of Super-Heroes and Doom Patrol. In his post, Lightle’s son writes:


“This is Matthew Lightle, Steve Lightle’s son. This morning my father passed away from Cardiac Arrest. I wished to thank you all for your friendship to my father, and also to ask that if you are a Patreon follower, please cancel your account as we are just beginning to take care of his affairs.”


Steve’s wife Marianne made another post about his passing, adding:


“I wish I could tell you all how much Steve enjoyed your friendships. I am in shock and at a loss. I just lost my best friend and my husband. I don’t know what to do! The hospital notified us that Steve tested positive for COVID which led to heart failure…I look around my home and all I see is my husband.”

In a statement, DC Comics wrote “We’re heartbroken by the passing of artist Steve Lightle. Not only did his work influence artists, writers, and readers, but those of us who were lucky enough to meet him had the added joy of finding out he was one of the kindest souls in comics. He will be deeply missed.”



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Bleeding Fool Media offers its sincere condolences to Steve Lightle’s family, friends, loved ones and fans.

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