CRoMCON 13 the Indie Comics Convention Anniversary Event

Pops Van Zant is BACK!! The one year mark has come, and the Comic Related Madness is still putting on the show of the month! The Founder of Comic Related Madness and CRoM con has outdone himself this time. Do you know CRoM Con? Have you been a guest or a viewing fan? Then you know this month is BIG! If you do not know, or have not seen…. New guests, returning guests, and more!! A huge weekend you will not want to miss!!
  • April 23th 8pm est…..the Weekend opens with: “SIMply, Shugah and Pops”
  • Friday night Pre-Con kickoff event April 24th Kicking it off at 12pm est with Danny Morales and guests from The Collective and rolling all day and into the night
  • Saturday April 25th 12pm est…we do it again.. all day.. ending with a Final Panel themed “Music and Film in Indie Comics” highlighting creators with film or music attached as part of their campaigns…
April 26th Monday Madness “Post Con Show” where we catch up on things we may have missed, and bring out EVEN more guests!! The Return of the Arch Fiend Brian Pulido!! First time appearance of Monte Michael Moore!


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