CRoMCON 12 Indie Comics Convention Returns This Weekend!

CRoMCON 12 IS COMING… Please join us starting Mar 26th-28th for more Comics MADNESS!!! Pops Van Zant is at it again…Founder of the Comic Related Madness FB Group, and creator and founder of CRoM Con, is back and bringing you over 40 creatives from around the world for CRoM Con 12!! 
With his Co-host, PhilmanX (aka Phil Leon) he will be rocking from the Debut of the Friday night Precon show “SIMply, Shugah and Pops” with Simon Pothier and Chris Evans (no sorry ladies, not THAT Chris Evans) through Saturday and Sunday from Noon to Midnight EST, highlighting projects of dozens of creatives!!
The show will go on all through the weekend, ending on March 29th with a Special Edition of Monday Madness. Pops Van Zant is a lifelong fan of comics and is the founder and host of CRoM Con. “CRoM” is the name for the organizers’ “Comic Related Madness” mascot, a Facebook group for indie creators and comic book fans. With the cancellations of so many comic book conventions this year due to the pandemic, CRoM Con was born.  This Friday marks the twelfth event since the series began from the lack of live cons and Pops’ friends needing a place to “set up a table.”


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