Comic Related Madness Kicks Off CRoMCON 11 this Weekend!

CRoMCON 11 IS COMING… Please join us starting February 27-28th for more Comics MADNESS!!!



Pops Van Zant is at it again! CRoM Con 11 Feb 27-28th is back with the best monthly virtual con there is! This month not only is he bringing you 40+ indie creatives, but Pops is INVITING (not booked) Gina Carano and Tom MacDonald to join his special co-hosts Alex @CyborgValkyrie1 and Shae @Ghastlight for our After Hours Panel on Sunday at 9pm est Feb 28th!


Pops Van Zant is a lifelong fan of comics and is the founder and host of CRoM Con. “CRoM” is the name for the organizers’ “Comic Related Madness” mascot, a Facebook group for indie creators and comic book fans. With the cancellations of so many comic book conventions this year due to the pandemic, CRoM Con was born.  This Friday marks the tenth event since the series began from the lack of live cons and Pops’ friends needing a place to “set up a table.”


CRoM Con 11 promo!!



Organizers hosted the first show back in April 2020 in the wake of Emerald City Comic Con cancelling. Organizer Pops Van Zant launched Comic Related Madness shortly before that and it had a diminutive, but active following. That’s when he wondered, “How can I help my creator/artist friends in my Facebook group Comic Related Madness?”.  At that time the group was only about 500 members. Now, this weekend’s 11th CRoMCON opens LIVE with AWESOME TALENT and GREAT PANELS all starting this Saturday at 12:00 PM EST!


Here is the current schedule (subject to change):

Sat Feb 27th (ALL TIMES EST) 

Part 1
12:00 Pops, Phil and the kick off
12:30 Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin
1:00 Frank James Bailey
1:30 Rich Perotta
2:00 Joseph JC Clements
2:30 Varian and Krysta Grant
3:00 Simon SIM Pothier
3:30 @ichthy5
4:00 @8shinobi
4:30 Les Lindon Garner
5:00 Maxx Weston
Part 2
6:00 Justin Gray
6:30 Joe D. McFee
7:00 William Hazle
7:30 Dustin Brunell
8:00 Michael Oden
8:30 Lucifer Storm
9:00 panel w/Russell Allen, Rodney Fyke, Brian Rodman and Grant Lankard, maybe more 🙂

Sunday Feb 28th (ALL TIMES EST)

Part 1
12:00 MarV Vasconcelos
12:30 Tyler Carpenter
1:00 Mike Baron
1:30 Hex Allen
2:00 Alex Dawe
2:30 Frank Forte
3:00 Jason Lenox
3:30 Christie Shinn
4:00 Russ Leach
4:30 Glenn B Fleming
5:00 Iam Sam
Part 2
6:00 JD Calderon
6:30 Chris Sahloff
7:00 Mark Middleton
7:30 Luke Stone
8:00 Doc Hogg and the Pink Lady Leanore
8:30 Drawing Aces
9:00 Shae the Red @Ghastlight and her CREW!!! OPEN INVITE to @GinaCarano and @IamTomMacDonald to join us here at 9pm est!


With new guests, returning guests, panels and amazing projects…from 12pm est to 12am, both days!! It is always a blast and we welcome everyone to ask questions of our guests in the comments of the stream!! Join Pops as he hangs out with Mike Baron, Tyler Carpenter, Mark Middleton, William Hazle, Russell Allen, Frank Forte, Glenn B. Fleming, IamSam, Chris Sahloff and Jd Calderon to name a few!! powered by


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