CRoM Con Europe 2 Features Indie Creators Across the Pond



The indie comics virtual convention known as CRoM Con has quickly become known as one of the finest indie comics monthly online events, and CRoMCON Europe 2 is coming up next weekend, beginning August 28. Pops Van Zant is at it again… the founder of Comic Related Madness and the original founder of CRoM Con, is back and bringing you over dozens of creatives from around the world for another free online convention. This month our focus is on European creators!



The full guest list isn’t finalized yet, but here’s who they have booked solid so far. 

Saturday Aug 28th


Saturday Art Auction Part 1

10am – Peter Clinton
11am – Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin

CRoM Con Europe 2 Part 1

12pm – Glenn B. Fleming and friends kick off the CON!
1pm – Lucifer Storm
1:30 – Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin
2pm – Nina Daisy Aberlein
2:30 – MarV Studios
3pm – Russ Leach
3:30 – William Crawford Hazle
4pm – RJ Carter from Critical Blast will be here talking about International shipping w/guests
5pm – Saturday Art Auction Part 2
7pm – Pops Van Zant with art and others
8pm – Daniel Moore

Sunday Aug 29th

Sunday Art Auction Part 1

10am – Glenn B. Fleming
11am – Alexia Veldhuisen

CRoM Con Europe 2 Part 2

12pm – Glenn B. Fleming, Texas Dave Houston & more!!
1pm – Tim Perkins
2pm – Peter Clinton
2:30 – Gary Parkin
3pm – Rusty Gilligan will be here to auction off a piece for
4pm – Bristolian Dave, Rob Price, and Jacobus from the “CGUK Bargain Bin” will be here live!! Bringing guests including Peter Gilmore!
5pm – Sunday Art Auction Part 2
7pm – Shawn Howe
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