CRoM Con 24! World’s Best Indie Comic Virtual Con is Back April 29-30


 Pops Van Zant is back like clockwork dropping another great event on the fans of indie comics!!

CRoM CoN 24, our 2nd Anniversary Event… featuring a Ladies Night LAUNCH PARTY for Black Rhapsody on the 29th AND the Return of the Arch Fiend!! Brian Pulido will be here at 3pm est and Mike Baron at 4:30pm est on the 30th! This line up is hard to top anywhere! You will not want to miss this 24th installment of the best indie event online!
Here is the full schedule.

Friday night Apr 29th…

Tie everything down cause the Ladies get things all wound up in here!!! Join Lola Meatz and Christie Shinn and their guests as they host the WILDEST event on Youtube! LAUNCHING the “Black Rhapsody” campaign LIVE at 9pm est!!!

Saturday Apr 30th Part 1 (all times EST)

noon Glenn, Dave, Doc, Tank, Joe and Pops will be here kicking off the show!!
1:00 Joe D. MCFee
1:15 Alison McGlone
1:30 Paul Roper
1:45 David Feed
2pm Daniel Fogarty
2:15 Michael Gatti
2:30 Christie Shinn
2:45 Lucifer Storm
3pm Brian Pulido The Arch Fiend!!!
3:30 Death Metal Hero aka LUKE!!!
3:45 The Devil Flyer
4pm Drew Eash aka Capt Luv
4:15 RJ from Critical Blast
4:30 Mike Baron
4:45 Vic King
5pm Cindy Koepp
5:15 Goodstuff will be here!

Part 2 (all times EST)

6pm Ben Fuselier
6:15 Max Devill
6:30 Timothy Fling
6:45 Brian K. Morris
7pm Simon SIM Pothier
7:15 Doc Blalock/Anthony Romano
7:30 Missrena
7:45 Hex Allen
8pm Justin Belmont
8:15 Jo & Mo Alvarado
8:30 Pedro Ang
8:45 Greg Levitre
9pm Do you dare? Enter the CRoMniVerse Round Table…a panel about the progress of the campaign!! with Pedro Ang, Mark Mulgrave, Daniel Monroe, Pops, Doc Blalock…etc etc etc
guest list subject to change
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