CRoM Con 18: World’s Best Indie Comic VirtualCon Live All Halloween Weekend

The Madness Comic Network once again brings you the best online monthly Indie comic event there is! CRoM Con has quickly become known as one of the finest indie comics monthly online event and CRoM Con 18 kicks off this Friday night October 29th and will be rolling right on through the entire Halloween weekend. 
Pops Van Zant is at it again… bringing dozens of creatives from around the world to celebrate indie comics and the Great Pumpkin!! Join Pops, Will Pace, Glenn B. Fleming, Danny Morales, RJ Carter, Red Valkyrie and more as they bring you panels, campaigns and MORE!!
Please dress in the spirit of the holiday. Let’s have fun my friends!! the founder of Comic Related Madness and the original founder of CRoM Con, is back and bringing you over dozens of creatives from around the world for another free online convention. Indie creators from across the globe, will be here. so please join us!

Hallow-CRoM Con Eve
Friday Oct 29th

8:00pm Shae the Red, Cyborg Valkyrie and the Flight of the Valkyrie crew


“Hallow”CRoM Con 18
Saturday Oct 30th

12:00pm – Peter RETRO Palmiotti & Lucifer Storm & ??
1:00pm – Steven Prince
1:30pm – Demetrius Witherspoon
2:00pm – Katie Shaw
2:30pm – Dirk Hooper
3:00pm – Jake Tvister
3:30pm – Hex Allen
4:00pm – Simon SIM Porthier
4:30pm – Lincoln Bransch
5:00pm – Doc Blalock
Day 1 Part 2
6:00pm – Lisa Melone bringing friends Christie Shinn, Ted Davies Krysta Crawford & April Reyna
7:00pm – Jeff Slemons (Thin Blue Line) with Chris Braly (Bleeding Fool)
7:30pm – MarV Art
8:00pm – Mitch Rogers
8:30pm – William Samuel Quinton
9:00pm – PizzaMeti?? Six Gun Brian, Adam “Post”ing in the paint, SIM, and ??

Halloween Official
Sunday Oct 31st

12:00pm – Glenn B. Fleming, Texas Dave & Tim Perkins
1:00pm – Rich Perotta
1:30pm – Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin
2:00pm – Tom Rapka
2:30pm – Will Peden
3:00pm – Corey Hardiman
3:30pm – Cindy Koepp
4:00pm – Unhinged & the Death Metal Hero!!!
5:00pm – George P. Gatsis
Day 2 Part 2
6:00pm – Lord Rev V
6:30pm – Alazmat Films
7:00pm – Chris & Diana Tamulevich
7:30pm – Whitefire Comics
8:00pm – Dori Jones
8:30pm – Brian Christgau
9:00pm – RJ Carter “Critical Blast” w/George P. Gatsis, 656’s Ray and Oliver, Lincoln Bransch, and more..
schedule subject to change
Schedule subject to change, all times EST
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