CRoM Con 17! World’s Best Indie Comic Virtual Con this Weekend

The Madness Comic Network once again brings you the best online monthly Indie comic event there is! CRoM Con has quickly become known as one of the finest indie comics monthly online event and CRoM Con 17 kicks off this Friday night Sept 24th and will be rolling right on through the weekend.
Pops Van Zant is at it again… the founder of Comic Related Madness and the original founder of CRoM Con, is back and bringing you over dozens of creatives from around the world for another free online convention. Indie creators from across the globe, will be here. so please join us!

Friday Sept 24th

8:00pm Pops is kicking it with Christie Shinn, Damian Daponte, Shawn Howe, Daniel Monroe, Doc Blalock and Ted Lody… anyone else??


Saturday Sept 25th

12:00 Danny Morales will be kicking off the show ~ with guests!
1:00 Alazmat Films Road Warrior Drake
1:30 Nina Daisy Aberlein
2:00 Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin, Martin Fisher
2:30 Katie Shaw
3:00 MarV Art
3:30 John Hervey
4:00 Daniel Monroe
4:30 The Quaff
5:00 Oasi.V
5:30 Red Gaze
6:00 Eisner winner Mike Baron
6:30 Paul Duder
7:00 Raven Monroe
7:30 Mark Middleton
8:00 Brian Menard
8:30 Rusty Gilligan
9:00 PANEL with Don Chin, Simon SIM Pothier, Brian Christgau, George P. Gatsis and Adam Post and more… 🙂


Sunday Sept 26th

12:00 Glenn B. Fleming, “Texas” Dave Houston and the usual KICK OFF crew!!
1:00 Michael Gonzalez – Rainy Road
1:30 Dori Jones
2:00 Cindy Koepp
2:30 CGUK Bargain Bin
3:30 Max Headshroom and Ben Jackson
4:00 JD Calderon
4:30 Topicless w/Unhinged Jason Bascom and Death Metal Hero
6:00 Pops and Karen Pearman “CB4K”
6:30 Rich Perotta
7:00 William Samuel Quinton
7:30 Chris and Diana Tamulevich
8:00 Tyler Carpenter
8:30 Ali Sanguis
9:00 RJ Carter from Critical Blast will be here with Mike Shea, Oasi.V & B. Lincoln Bransch, George P. Gatsis, Ernest McClendon and Devin Richard!!

Schedule subject to change, all times EST
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