CRoM Con 16: The Premiere Indie Comic Virtual Con is Back!


CRoM Con has quickly become known as one of the finest indie comics monthly online events, and CRoMCON 16 is coming this weekend, beginning July 31. Pops Van Zant is at it again… the founder of Comic Related Madness and the original founder of CRoM Con, is back and bringing you over dozens of creatives from around the world for another free online convention.






Guest Schedule

Saturday July 31st (ALL TIMES EASTERN)


Day 1 Part 1
12pm Danny Morales kicks the show off!!
1pm Mike Jimmy Lortia De Bruin
1:30 Nina Daisty Aberlein
2pm Christie Shinn
2:30 Bristolian Dave CGUK Bargain Bin
3:30 Tim Lattie
4pm Alazmat Films
4:30 Travis Beth
5pm Justin Knight
5:30 Benjamin Soto


Day 1 Part 2
6pm Max Devill
6:30 Shawn Howe
7pm MarV Vasconcelos
7:30 Hex Allen
8pm Chris Hicks
8:30 Piper @fyzzgiggidy
9pm The Global Frequency is bringing the Evening Panel


Sunday August 1st (ALL TIMES EASTERN)


Day 2 Part 1
12pm Glenn B. Fleming, Dave Houston and friends
1pm Nandor Fox Shaffer
1:30 Frank James Bailey
2pm Michael Gonzalez
2:30 Katie Shaw
3pm Ben Jackson and Max Headshroom
3:30 Rusty Gilligan
4pm Jd Calderon
4:30 Jim Ousley
5pm Rich Perotta
5:30 Bionic_Bruh(TaleEndStudio)


Day 2 Part 2
6pm Teresa Dunn
6:30 Holden McCourt
7pm William Crawford Hazle-Wullie!!
7:30 Hazzum Productions
8pm Mike Baron
8:30 Dean James and Michael Oden(?)
9pm Ladies night!! w/ Critical Blast!!
Featuring Irene Strychalski, Christie Shinn, Daphne Lage, Cara Nicole, Shae the Red, Piper @fyzzgiggidy, Lola Meats with room for more!!


Join the fun this weekend here!


This event is PRESENTED by the “Madness Comic Network” and brought to you in part by Dirk Hooper 


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