4 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe at a ComicCon

4 Tips For Keeping Kids Safe at Comic Conventions

Comic conventions are some of the most exciting events of the year as kids get an opportunity to explore their favorite comic books at an entire event. Most parents are still worried about sending their kids to such festivals because they think the little munchkins will get spoiled. The fact is that millennial parents are more supportive of their kids, which is why they like to indulge with them on such events. In this article, I will give you some valuable tips for keeping kids safe at the ComicCon. This festival welcomes thousands of people from across the country and there is a high risk of children getting lost or kidnapped. So it is better to be mindful about taking kids with the right precautions to such events.


1. Start with a small stall

Keep in mind that there are many stalls at the comic con flooded with several visitors. Even if your child forces you to visit a particular stall that is inhabited by multiple people, refrain from going there. Many parents often lose their kids in crowds, and then it is equally difficult to find them. Especially if you’re kids are going to the festival for the first time, you must understand that the little ones get excited and overwhelmed by seeing such large events.


2. Don’t leave your kid with a stranger

Refrain from trusting strangers to take care of their kids. You never know about the intentions of the other person. Even if a person has dressed as a cartoon character and asks to take your child for a short tour, don’t trust him/her. Many fraudsters, child abductors, and predators seek such opportunities to play their cards smartly.


3. Check on your teenage kids through mobile apps

There are many mobile applications with which you can easily get to know about the whereabouts of your children. Ever heard of geo fencing? You can check with them to install an application in your kid’s phone to track him/her in case they leave for the event by themselves. You can always track the location of your kids and call them if they’re in a place where they are not supposed to be. With the advent of such applications; parenting has just got better.


4. Visit the festival during its closing time

As the festival approaches its closing time; crowds start to disappear. This is the best time to hang out with your kids without having to worry about so many other things. Some festivals have live updates available on their website so you can easily check the visitor count from your mobile phones. There’s no need to rush in the early hours as people flock in lines with their kids, making it a massive crowd. There are so many stalls, even if some of them have closed in the last hours, yet your kids will have a vast array of places to go to.



Just make sure that you keep an eye on your kid’s moves. There is no need to overdo the parenting thing if they are wise enough to roam around.

John Pallister

I'm all about having fun in geek culture, but keeping my family safe!