Hollywood Studio “We Don’t Make Content for White, Christian Trash”

According to the Daily Mail, during a panel discussion titled ‘Women in Focus: Women, Big Tech and the Future of Hollywood’ put on by Chapman University and Glamour on April 9, Dana Walden, the chairman of entertainment for Walt Disney Television, said ABC had passed on ‘some incredibly well-written scripts’ because they did not meet its new diversity standards. Last year, THR reported that ABC was calling for at least 50% representation of ‘underrepresented groups’ in regular and recurring characters – as well as with writing staff and producers.


Following reports of Dana’s statements being shared on social media, Bounding Into Comics reported that writer Nick Cole claimed a major Hollywood studio told him they “wouldn’t produce content for white, Christian, trash” and he responded with a series of tweets to that effect.



Jeremy Hamby quickly weighed in with his own comments:


Disney Calls Viewers White Christian Trash & Rejects Well Written Scripts For Woke Garbage?


While Nick Cole is no stranger to controversy, following the BiC report, he felt compelled to clarify his comments, tweeting that he wasn’t specifically saying that Disney/ABC was the target of his earlier tweets.



Whomever Mr. Cole was referring to, it’s indicative of a broader culture in Hollywood that hates conservatives, or most normal Americans. It’s worth noting that Disney has repeatedly inserted themselves in the political landscape of America, most recently coming out swinging against conservatives in Georgia in 2019 for passing the LIFE Act, a pro-life bill aimed at ending late term abortions in the ninth month of pregnancies. And then several voices aligned with the studio cried out for boycotting the state of Georgia in the shadow of the new voter integrity laws that were passed. The MLB and NBA both moved games out of the state over it, but maybe the studios decided to sit this one out after the backlash over them praising China in light of their ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims.


It’s also worth noting that at the end of 2020, Congress passed a $900 billion stimulus package that was supposed to provide relief to millions of Americans and businesses suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but slipped into the bill was something known as the Save Our Stages initiative, which was a $15 billion aid package shepherded through Congress by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn and championed by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Live venues and smaller movie theaters were among those were able to apply for aid. They already got money from America even when we weren’t going to the cinemas.


Don’t you think they’ve gotten enough of our money? Stop giving money to people who hate you.


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