In-Person versus Online Casinos: Which is Better?


Online casino websites have been extremely successful over the last couple of years, offering an alternative to traditional land-based casinos even before the global restrictions imposed on movement that saw many brick-and-mortar casinos shut.  The industry has been moving to online casinos since they are easier to run and produce a better return on investments for successful companies. As to whether online casinos or land-based establishments are better, each has advantages and disadvantages for players to weigh up. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision as a player.


Online Casinos

Online casinos were first launched in the last 1990s and have become a popular form of entertainment. The best casino sites are popular with those who just want to play a few games to relax on a mobile device on the commute home from work or have an evening of uninterrupted fun with the potential of human interaction with live dealers if desired, but without needing to get dressed up and leave the house.



The convenience and ease of accessibility of online casinos are major advantages over land-based venues. There are no travel time or costs to consider when playing online since you can play at any time as soon as you have your PC or mobile device accessing the site.



Online sites attract scammers. People leaving casinos attract pickpockets and thieves. Reputable online use multiple levels of security including monitoring, encryption, updates and firewalls as well as banking methods proved to be safe and trustworthy, which players should check before signing up.


Multiple Game Options on Offer

Online casinos can offer a far greater range of games, with many having a library of hundreds if not thousands of different options so there really is something for everyone at any time of day or night. This is impossible for a land-based casino due to physical restrictions which limits them to dozens of table games and a few hundred machines that can be played during its operating hours.



Generous Bonus and Promotions

The Return to Player (RTP) rates of online gambling games are higher than traditional games at land-based casinos. In addition, when making a first deposit on account there is usually a generous deposit-match or no deposit bonus, free spins and a demo site where you can test your strategy for free before risking your own money. As a land-based casino has much larger overheads, they cannot match the online bonus offers.  


Payment methods

Physical casinos require players to have money on them. Players also have to queue to obtain their winnings. Online casinos require none of this, allowing money to transfer easily from your account. Online currencies also accept cryptocurrencies that are simple, anonymous, extremely secure and low-cost.


Social Interaction

For those who enjoy being part of the crowd, enjoying snacks and drinks whilst spinning the reels of a real slot machine, the getting ready and travel to the casino is all part of the experience and makes land-based casinos the best option.

Online casinos have chat rooms where you can speak with other players. Advances in 3D modelling, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have seen live dealer games being streamed by online casinos to create an ambience similar to that found in a land-based establishment.  

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