Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 from ‘The Blandalorian’!

St Patrick’s Day with St Patrick’s Day Music and St Patrick’s Day Song


Being smack dab in the middle of the week (Wednesday) would normally put a damper on things festivities wise for me, but the passing year, and the beginning of this one, has put things in perspective, into order. I total the tea more than I total myself with beer. Responsibility is key. That being said, I will down a pint (or two) for Ireland’s most notable patron saint at my local Irish pub!


Kidnapped at age 16 from Roman Britain in the fifth century, St. Patrick was a slave in Ireland before escaping human bondage, then returning later with Christianity, introducing it to fair old Erin’s shore. According to legend, he explained the Trinity concept of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit using a three leaf clover.


Talk about a comeback!


St. Patrick’s day is marked March 17th, on the calendar, the day he died. We consider him, his life (I hope) and Irish Culture in our revels today as it reminds us of the unexpected turns life can take us in, the important callings providence can drop in our laps, or the pinches we’re receiving for not wearing something green, and the hangovers of St. Patty’s Days past!


I like to remember the good times with friends, having a cold drink in the cool of the evening, which is about the only time it’s cool in Florida!


Everything good and bad in moderation, go easy on the treif, but most importantly…



Space Ghost, take us home!


Space Ghost Singing Dear Old Donegal




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