Geek Culture Rant of the Week: Kennedy, Sarkeesian & Polygon

Oh boy, a whole lot of stupid came out in Geek Culture news this week! First, Polygon declares Gone Home as the Best Game of the Decade…really? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but “best most influential game of the decade”? Yeah, I think we all know the real reason is because it fits Polygon’s gamer-less standards (i.e. no challenge, no puzzles, and pushes their political agendas).




Next was Anita Sarkeesian’s statement about The Mandalorian and how she moves the goal post when called out. Seriously this woman is just trying to prove she’s still relevant! Spoiler alert: she isn’t.

Fake Geek Outrage Girl can’t even be bothered to spell the title right…



Lastly, we discuss a recent interview with Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy. We specifically discuss her asinine statement about how hard it was making Star Wars with “no source material. No Comic Books, no 800 page novels”…I’m sorry…what?!? Has she never heard of the Star Wars comics or the expanded universe?!? Who is this woman??!?


Apparently Kathleen Kennedy forgot about the ‘Extended Universe’ of Star Wars…


My friend Ingrid and I go through these topics in a fun 3 in 1 discussion in the video below. Enjoy!


Rants from the Multiverse: A Whole Lot of Stupid!

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