Cultural Subversion: Where Hatred Of Straight White Male Christians Is Taught

Ever wonder where companies like Lucasfilm’s bizarre obsessive hatred for “straight white male Christians” comes from? Hatred like this doesn’t spring up naturally, it’s taught in our worthless schools and universities. And it’s one technique in the cultural subversion that Yuri Bezmenov spoke about, whereby the teaching of practical and useful things is replaced with nonsensical and useless things in our education system.


And the University of San Francisco, the poop city which Lucasfilm also calls home, has a handy checklist for future “creators.”



If only there were another ideology which attacked the power structure of their political enemies by turning their race and religion into a political scapegoat, that we could look at to compare and contrast.


Oh wait, there is!


NAZI propaganda poster



Thanks to Price of Reason for the tip.



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