Chelsea Cain Deletes Social Media After Being Mobbed by Fellow SJWs

As first reported in Bounding into Comics, outspoken Feminist comic book creator Chelsea Cain, courted the ire of the hard-left progressive crowd in her latest issue of Maneaters. Ms. Cain sought to normalize menstrual cycles in this story by tying them to a werewolf-like transformation where the young girls would transform into panthers and eat men (hence, Maneaters). Unfortunately, this ran afoul of transactivists because it inherently ties femininity to a biological process that only a youthful, biological female could experience. Transactivists considered it “exclusionary”.

Ms. Cain, ever the provocateur, tweaked her transactivist critics by putting two of their actual tweets in her Maneater comic. In the latest issue, the young ladies afflicted with this menstrual form of lycanthropy are placed in a concentration camp reminiscent of a conversion therapy center which is where Ms. Cain chose to place the tweets of her critics – as slogans and posters in the concentration camp. As you can imagine, being compared to a gay, intolerant Christian activist was considered tantamount to a declaration of war by Ms. Cain, “Release the hounds!”

After receiving extremely critical, angry tweets from her former social justice allies, Ms. Cain apologized and then offered to allow a “sensitivity reader” to review her work to ensure it dealt with trans people in an acceptable fashion. This offer only further angered her critics because she could not offer the task as a paying position. Ultimately, Ms. Cain admitted that the Maneaters title was not profitable, and that she was going to put out the last three issues and move on with her life before deleting her Twitter account entirely. 



Chelsea Cain deletes Twitter account after social justice mob attacks her as a TERF

Preston Poulter

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