On Censorship and the Death of Pop Culture


“We have been in touch.”



Five simple words from a relatively new Twitter user brought the collective fandom from solemn desperation into exuberant relief. And in case you forgot who Ty Beard is.

Customers and fans from: comics, video games, anime, (and soon to include the tabletop gaming world) have rallied against the toxicity of the SJW terrorism that’s ruined countless lives across these communities. These SJWs have used slander, false accusations, and multiple other despicable attacks to deplatform and destroy careers, but cooler heads have chosen a far more superior weapon to defend themselves.



That weapon is the American Legal System; Lady Justice chose a foul, smug, whiskey infused attorney as her ‘Horseman’.



Fellow Bleeding Fool contributor and YouTube critic Micah Curtis recently created a video where he mused on the importance of the Richard Meyer V Mark Waid lawsuit, but more importantly why Waid needs to lose. If you haven’t checked it out, he makes a great point in his video, only I feel that he stopped a little short in his analysis.

Why Mark Waid NEEDS to lose against Diversity & Comics

It seems we no longer have a culture where conversation and mutual exchange of ideas is welcome. Instead, we see a landscape where even the mildest forms of criticism are labelled “harassment,” pronouns have replaced identities, and ideals are far more important than facts. Professionalism, in any form, is cast aside, but when all that fails, instead of engaging people in conversation we see a whisper network being created in order to ensure that the incorrect ideas are silenced. Audience control requires censorship, and as Americans, we consume entertainment with a voracious appetite for self-destruction.


The Culture War is being waged in our fandoms for these reasons, to control a narrative through censorship. To accomplish true censorship, tyrants must actively work to stop the opposing viewpoints from reaching an audience, but also to prevent future dissidents from appearing. While there are many practices that can achieve this goal with sniper-like precision, SJWs have long ago realized that it’s not about delivering a factual message to few informed individuals, but about reaching the highest number of social media users. It’s not about truth and facts, rather it’s about outrage and fear mongering.



Gatekeeping to Allow Only Approved Voices to Speak the Approved Message,
Silence the Opposition


Arguably, Richard C. Meyer launched the first counterattack against the ongoing narrative aimed at destroying both his career, and his life. With a war chest funded entirely by supporters, Meyer was able to accumulate enough funds for his lawsuit against Mark Waid. Nick The Horseman Rikieta eloquently spoke at length at the ongoing resource draining tactics being employed by Waid’s team of attorneys. This strategy makes sense, after all Waid is not wasting any of his personal funds. His own legal defense has been funded by brainwashed “professionals.”


I personally would not be surprised if we discover that these “professionals” felt that they needed to offer their public support out of fear that they would be the next target in Waid’s crusade to cleanse the comic book industry of those he deems undesirable. But what happens when a person does not toe the line, and instead finds a different means to get his voice out there?


Violence and Intimidation to Invalidate Criticism and Prevent Further Transgressions


Meyer came very close to experiencing the second method of censorship, but Jeremy Hambly would not be so lucky. Hambly made his career in YouTube as a commentator and critic for various forms of media and entertainment. In the age of SJW/Feminist infection, it would be inevitable that one of his “targets” (and low hanging fruit) would be the woman behind Feminist Frequency. It was this wave of criticism that drew the ire of many Feminist supporters, including an individual that believed his own self-entitlement to vigilante justice that he allegedly attacked Hambly one fateful night in the middle of one of the country’s largest tabletop conventions.

Matt Loter was at one point a relatively successful tabletop industry “man,” who decided that his views on social justice were far more important than his business. According to the lawsuit, Hambly had no interaction with Loter prior to the attack, however Loter had taken special measures to make sure that the two would cross paths. Humor aside, Loter might find out just how expensive a single punch can be, rumor has it that Loter has already lost numerous contracts, a tenure as a teacher in a small college, and hopefully his freedom. Hambley’s case is still ongoing.

Rekieta Law: Hambly v Loter - The Quartering v The Quarter Pounder

But those SJWs that have at least a single, non-steroid driven brain cell understand that direct violence is not always the best course of action. Mainly because their targets are usually of a conservative background that is well known to be avid 2nd amendment supporters. Those “geniuses” have relied on a more insidious form of attack that has proven to be just as successful in the past for the promotion of their sick ideologies.


Smear Campaigns to Destroy the Credibility and Life  of the Dissident


Perhaps of all the disgusting and dangerous tactics of SJW’s, smear campaigns have a single goal: complete destruction of the target. This destruction can come in different forms, from destroying the ability of the target to continue earning money (bonus if they can never again work in their industry), to seeking the target’s death. As much as I hope this was hyperbole on my part, sadly this is an inherent part of their objectives, and the main reason why I have taken to identifying SJWs as terrorists.


It usually involves making vague allegations of a heinous crime to immediately sway the public opinion against the target. The current preferred labels in today’s era are usually sexual crimes like rape and pedophilia, or unsubstantiated claims of extreme racism like calling someone white supremacist, nazi supporter, and bigot. Those claims quickly shift when questioned, and the number of “criminals” exponentially increase as more voices question the validity of the claims.


Ethan Van Sciver was labeled a “Nazi supporter”. Meyer was labeled a “white supremacist”. Hambly was labeled a “harasser”. Vic Mignogna was labeled a “rapist”. That Umbrella Guy was labeled a “pedophile”. No real evidence has ever been produced to substantiate ANY of these claims, instead a chain of block bots is used to defend those criminal points of view.

The next step of attacks involve a more direct threat into a person’s life. Peter Simeti was one of a multitude of media personalities that have been “swatted” simply for having a different opinion. Other creators have received a multitude of believable death threats that have forced them to alter their lives and careers to the point that they would no longer attend conventions and were unable to meet their fans and create more revenue for their product.


At the first sign of authentic rebuttal, the tactic shifts into a more entrenched one. Attach the label of attacker on those loud and truthful voices, charge them with the all damning internet crime of “doxxing,” and make claims of received death threats that amount to little more than reminders to not shower with electronic appliances. The goal is to isolate the target from any form of support, either financial or moral, and drive them into a pit of depression that will cause irreparable damage. Extra points if the target commits suicide.


The goal is censorship, by any means necessary. SJWs feel nothing as they sit behind their own keyboards and drive people into early graves simply for holding a different opinion. For years they had been allowed to drive their narrative across platforms, and deeply influencing great companies into early bankruptcies. They’ve won many times in the past, but justice is coming. In the wake of the multimillion dollar losses that so many companies are about to receive with the ongoing and recently revealed lawsuits, and the others that are very likely forthcoming (Umbrella Guy Ethan Van Sciver both stand out on that front), maybe Bleeding Fool will take you all in…?


We’re going to need more coders.

Michael Gutierrez

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