Captain Marvel Exposed as a Super-Villain in Deleted Scene

I didn’t think it was possible to make the MCU version of Carol Danvers any less appealing, but released a deleted scene that did exactly that. The publisher was given an exclusive extended version of the scene where a newly arrived Carol Danvers steals a rude guy’s motorcycle. In this extended scene however, the exchange gets a bit more heated and reveals Carol’s ugly side. The guy still comes off as a creep, but then Captain Marvel offers him a handshake, powers up her fist, and brings him to his knees, begging for mercy. She then offers to stop hurting him in exchange for his jacket, helmet and bike with the assuring promise, “and in return, I’m going to let you keep your hand.” 

Watch it for yourself below:



Yikes! Not exactly super-heroic, was it? Anyone else reminded of the T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day? “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”


Terminator 2 "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle" 1080p


Now call me crazy, but I don’t equate being rude and asking a woman for a smile is the same thing as putting your cigar out on someone’s chest, but today’s social justice activists seem to equate words to violence and Marvel is pushing this exclusive scene as if this was clearly a proper response from the titular hero that is going to be the face of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe going forward. 

Here are a few of the sickening headlines from the adoring press (a.k.a. Disney shills).


Pathetic. Can they not see what’s happening in that scene? At least the Bounding Into Comics news website sees this for what it actually is, torture.


The video is being used by Marvel and Disney to promote the sale of Captain Marvel’s digital and Blu-ray release.


Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige previously stated that Larson’s Captain Marvel would “take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.”


Let that sink in. Marvel went from Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark who was tortured in a cave in the Middle East to a Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel who tortures a man on a motorcycle who simply asked if she could smile for him.


She hurt a guy, and robbed him and she is supposed to be the “good guy”? This is disturbing. Even corrupted, drunk Kal-El from Superman III didn’t torture anyone. He beat up on himself (in the Clark Kent persona), but the only laws he broke was some property damage flicking peanuts at the liquor bottles in the bar. But in Superman III, we knew something was wrong with Superman. Warner Bros. didn’t try to gaslight fans and tell them “look at how heroic he is in this scene!!”


Superman lll Supermans Drunk/Superman vs Clark Part 1 HD


Speaking of Superman, I was one of the people who felt that a scene in Man of Steel went a bit too far. In another bar scene, a patron pours his beer on Clark Kent, so what does Clark do to retaliate? Secretly destroys the guy’s $200,000 rig out in the parking lot. That’s not heroic. It’s petty. It also wasn’t heroic when Superman beat up a bully by picking a fight with him at the end of Superman II, but I digress.


In the deleted scene above, Captain Marvel tortures a guy she doesn’t like because he was rude. She uses her power to inflict pain on him. And she does this in order to steal his jacket and motorcycle from him. This is the exact opposite of being a hero. She hurt this man over a personal slight, then smiles at the end. Stealing from someone, after torturing them because you felt they were rude is “villainous.”


And all those insufferable Carol-Corps fanbots that breathlessly heaped praise on this film, and defended every anti-white men rant Brie Larson spouted off, are angrily defending her actions in this scene. But so what? Who cares what toxic fans think? What is truly unsettling is that Marvel and Disney thought this deleted scene would somehow improve Blu-ray sales of this lackluster film that pushed agenda politics just enough to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many MCU fans. The cold truth is that if you watched this exclusive scene and felt inspired or impressed, then you likely have villainous tendencies yourself and you should check your ideology because you’re in the bad guys camp, or at best you’re just woefully misguided. 


If you believe in liberty, compassion, and freedom, you would never approve of this kind of behavior in your “super heroes.” At least Marvel/Disney were smart enough to leave this out of the movie, but then again they also thought releasing this scene was a good idea for home video sales. Marvel Studios better figure this out.  



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