Special Surprise All-Ages Edition of Indie Comics Showcase!

Welcome to a Surprise Bonus Edition of Indie Comics Showcase!


In my last Indie Comics Showcase, I covered some pretty Dark and Gritty Comics. But because there are so many people in the community who either enjoy all-ages comic books, or have kids and can’t always find material suitable for them, I thought I would cover a few here that I think are unique, fun, and are of course ki-friendly.

Main Comics


The first comic I would like to feature in this special installment is Odie and was created by Aaron Sullivan, @Sully_Writes on Twitter. According to Aaron, Odie is an aging corgi pooch with a flare for the dramatic narrative. In book one, Odie’s family takes him on a trip with them, and he gets lost. So Odie has to muster up all of the courage he possibly can, put his wits and cunning to a test, on a journey that will hopefully lead him home. Being that I am sure many of you have not read Odie, I will leave the story there. This campaign is for issue two, which is a direct continuation. Both issues can be purchased, In PDF Format for $8 and both physical copies for $14.00, plus the usual Kickstarter and shipping fees.


The art by Elli Puukangas with colors by Mikael Hankonen is absolutely gorgeous and I love stories like this. It reminds me of films like, Lacey, Milo and Otis, and Homeward Bound. I remember watching them with my dad and just having the greatest time ever. We are going to have to do that again soon. Odie looks like an amazing book to either read to your kids at night, or even to help them learn to read, kind of like the way I did. There’s also a back-up story by Chandra Free. So if you love corgis or have kids who might enjoy this book, check out the video below and consider backing this campaign here.



Our next Comic is Ani Wild by collaborators, Archie Dait (), P.S. Brooks (), and Editor/Producer Jamie (@JamieMeWrites). The story, as told to me by Jamie, follows Ani Wild, a ten year old girl with the ability to transform into any animal she comes in contact with. She can do so thanks to a chance encounter with a shape-shifter named Wilbur. Like most siblings would do in this situation, Tim and Ani decide to test her powers bake taking a little trip to the local zoo…

Ani Wild is 100% completed and is ready to be sent to the printers. The art is incredibly charming and reminds me of the books I read as a young kid. The story is very witty and lots of fund to read. At certain pledge levels you can not only pre-order Ani Wild, but up to seven other indie comics from the publication’s library. Those pledges are limited and are going by fast. So Join Ami’s brother and her, and see what mischievous adventures you can all have together. This project certainly excites me, I hope it excites you too.

Check out the campaign video below, and consider backing it by clicking here.



The final book for our Surprise Bonus Edition! is really quite a fun one. The Mannamong – Volume 1 (A Fantasy Comic Book Series) written and illustrated by Michael Adam Lengyel @mlengyel_adam on Twitter. Michael and his team have put together such a wonderful introductory video to The Mannamong, nothing I could possibly write here would do it justice. So I will share it here.

What I can say is that is the art is so colorful and expressive it is sure to draw any kid in, any adult as well. It truly is a book for people of all ages. The story has such rich and wonderful lore. The characters are all unique, and uniquely relatable.

Please consider backing this campaign by clicking here.

__________Special Mention__________


“Attach Your Sails, Adjust Your Headings and Sail Trim for the wind, Trim the Jib Sheets, Trim the Mainsail, And Ready Yourself to Take to the Skies of Fire and Embark on Journey Like No Other!”


According to its creators, Skies of Fire is a limited comic series by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou, with art by Pablo Peppino and Bryan Valenza. Skies of Fire may very well be the most gorgeous and epic comic series I have ever seen.  This series may be more suitable for older kids and teenagers than younger ones. For adults, there is a lot to take in. The quality of the art and writing in my opinion rivals that of Saga of The Metabarons which was conceptualized and written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, with artwork by Juan Gimenez and Das Pastoras. Skies of Fire is an Absolute Masterpiece. One that time is running short on. This limited series is being collected in a hardcover edition here and time is limited on this campaign, so hurry and secure your copy here as soon as possible.



That’s it for our Surprise Bonus Edition this week! I hope you found something you can get behind. If you want to discover more Indie Comics please do check me out on Twitter at @Indie Comics Showcase. Thank you & I hope to you will all return next week, when I will bring you even more Indie Comics.

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